Help kids get focused and stay focused as they go back to school


Its that time of year again! Back to school ! Here are a few tips from Papillon that will help to increase your focus and mental capacity for this upcoming year (whether you are a college/university student, in high school, or a parent of a child in elementary school – this will interest you)

There are many different essential nutrients that our bodies require that will help our brains so that they can function properly and perfectly! To get the best results you can try a few of these supplements from the list below :

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  1. Fish oils – (omega 3 fatty acids/especially DHA)

DHA is an essential fat that our brains love and without DHA our brains will literally starve. DHA increases focus, concentration, memory and it provides an overall feeling of calmness and mental clarity, leaving our brains feeling like a million bucks! Healthy fats such as omega 3, coconut oil,avocado, egg yolks, nuts and seeds are necessary in maintaining a healthy and balanced mind. EPA and DHA are the main components of omega 3 and they work together alongside DHA as food for the brain, and EPA primarily works in creating stability with anti- inflammatory properties.Papillon, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News


  • Other nutrients that many people are deficient in, and that are necessary for proper brain and nervous system function is B-Complex, magnesium, iodine and zinc. These can be found either on their own or you can easily find them in multivitamins, although different people require different dosages,so this would be where guidance from a professional in the field of natural medicine can be of great benefit!
  • Lastly remember that the health of your (or your child’s) body, dictates the health of your brain, so feed it well, drink lots of water and above all… AVOID TOXINS.
  • A diet of mostly vegetables, organic meats, poultry and eggs, wild fish and seafood, yogurt for probiotics and limited amounts of fruits & grains is optimal.


  1. One of the main foods that you should be looking to avoid will be sugar. Sugar weakens the brain function and can cause hyperactivity and brain fog. Not to mention that blood sugar imbalances can lead to more long term effects but it mostly can lead to emotional imbalance and fatigue. Gluten as well can cause an array of problems for many people as well, so usually it is best to avoid gluten completely.


I could go on and on about a healthy brain, but to avoid writing a whole book, i invite you to visit us at Papillon foods to gain insight on which foods and or supplements you might need to improve you and your child’s overall health!

See you soon!


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Susan is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, and a member of the Association of Naturotherapists of Quebec, practicing in Westmount at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex and in Ste Anne de Bellevue at Paciencia Holistic Centre. She is available at Papillion in the Naturotherapy section to answer your questions every Monday and Tuesday between 10:30 am to 5:00pm.  She is a resident of Ile Perrot and has a love of outdoors. When she is not helping in the naturopathic domain she can be found mountain biking or skiing in Tremblant.