States Advance Laws Banning Hair Discrimination Amid Rising Hairstyle Bias Cases


In recent times, over twenty states in the United States have undertaken significant legislative strides in banning discrimination predicated on hair texture, specifically in school dress conduct and workplace attire rules. This has coincided with reports that protective hairstyles, such as locs and braids, have become subject to punitive actions in educational districts, and restrictive protocol in employment dress guidelines.

However, not could one undermine the struggle, stemming from the specter of years-long discrimination, experienced by many individuals in the Black community as they attempt to accept and cherish their natural hair.

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Long standing biases and prejudices have led to countless untold stories of individuals’ journeys appreciating the natural beauty of their hair, the relationships they’ve built with their hair, and the significance of these protective styles. These stories need to be heard and shared to raise awareness and encourage a broader embrace of diverse hair narratives. We welcome narrations of your journey, tracing the path of your transition and relationship with your natural and unique protective hairstyles.

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