State Charges Dropped for David DePape, Convicted in Pelosi Assault Case


In an anticipated legal turn of events, state charges were dismissed on Thursday against David DePape, the man convicted in a federal court last month for assailing Paul Pelosi. This remarkable decision originated from the claim that these counts fell under the legal principle of double jeopardy, as expressed by the esteemed San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.

David DePape, who was accused and later convicted last month for physically assaulting a federal official’s family member and attempting a federal official’s kidnapping, was sentenced to three decades of imprisonment. This federal sentence will run concurrently with any sanctions arising from the impending state trial. Beyond his serving sentence, there are speculations that DePape will be deported to Canada, marking the conclusive chapter of his punishment.

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Meanwhile, state prosecutors unwaveringly pushed forward with their own legal battle against DePape, echoing the severe accusations he stood trial for and was convicted of in federal court. DePape’s notorious attack inside the Pelosi residence in San Francisco of 2022, which left former U.S House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband bludgeoned with a hammer, fueled the state’s determination. Paul Pelosi was 82 at the time of this horrific incident.

However, DePape’s defense team argues that the impending state trial signifies double jeopardy in the wake of his federal conviction. They argue that although the charges in the state and federal cases aren’t identical, they still originate from the same violent act.

The judge, in a significant move on Thursday, dismissed the state charges filed against DePape. These charges included attempted murder, elder abuse, and assault with a deadly weapon. The remaining indictments DePape faces include false imprisonment, residential burglary, harassment of a public official’s family member, attempts to influence a witness, and aggravated kidnapping. Notably, these were not included in the federal trial.

Throughout, DePape has pleaded not guilty to all the charges leveled against him. The public defender’s office maintained a neutral stance following the judge’s decision, providing no further comment apart from confirming the ruling.

In a shocking revelation during his federal trial, DePape admitted his gruesome plan to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage. His macabre fantasies included interrogation techniques and threats to physically harm her if she did not confess to alleged lies about ‘Russiagate.’ This term refers to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

The attack on Paul Pelosi took place mere days before the 2022 midterm elections, captured on police body footage that gripped and horrified the political fraternity and beyond. The nightmare incident left Paul with two head wounds, including a skull fracture that required heavy-duty medical intervention. Plates and screws following this brutal attack will remain with him for the rest of his life, along with severe injuries to his right arm and hand.

The district attorney’s office vigorously maintains its silence on the matter and has not responded to requests for comment as of now.