Star Quarterback Trevor Harris Nears Recovery, Plans Comeback After Debilitating Injury


For the first time since his debilitating knee injury in July, Saskatchewan Roughriders’ star quarterback, Trevor Harris, finally broke his silence to the media on a recent Wednesday.

The incident occurred during the Roughriders’ clash against the Calgary Stampeders at Mosaic Stadium on July 15, when practically at the eleventh hour – with a tick under ten minutes remaining in the fourth quarter – Harris suffered a crippling tibial plateau fracture.

Recalling the moment, Harris said, “I felt something odd when I firmly planted my foot on the ground. As I fell, [Derek] Wiggin inadvertently rolled onto my leg, trapping it beneath him. Powerless in that position, the sensation was akin to snapping a dry twig clean over your knee – something I suspect most of us have done at some point. That’s the sensation I experienced, a loud ‘snap.'”

The gut-wrenching echo of that snap repeated in his head, leading him to the disturbing realization that his knee was likely broken in numerous places.

The severity of the fracture necessitated immediate surgical intervention on his right knee. “The medical term used was ‘shattered,’” he shared candidly. “That terminology unnerved me, as it brought to mind images of a glass shattering into pieces. However, I soon understood it as a synonym for ‘broken in more than two places’.”

Relieved, Harris added that his doctor declared him fairly fortunate for not having a torn ACL, as injuries of this nature often result in the ligament getting damaged.

Fast forward about nine weeks post-injury, Harris is eager to round off his recovery phase. The good news, as he was delighted to share, was that his recovery rate was ahead of schedule, with a return to field training anticipated in less than two weeks. Nevertheless, he remains uncertain about a definitive timeline for his comeback.

“I was initially fraught with doubt over whether I could ever return to the game,” admitted Harris. “Regardless of whether my comeback happens this year or the next, I know it’s going to be emotionally charged.”

However, he is eagerly anticipating his return, alluding to a familiar on-field refrain: “When I hear ‘Bring em’ out’ whilst donning my helmet, the sentiment is going to hit differently.”

Throughout his recovery period, Harris has actively participated in team meetings and rehab sessions with the Roughriders organization, contributing his wisdom and insights whenever required. His input has been particularly valuable to Mason Fine and Jake Dolegala, who have shouldered his responsibilities during his absence.

Offering his perspective on Harris’ contributions, Dolegala explained, “It’s remarkable how he’s there with us every morning, lending his perspective on the strategies and plays. His insights are absolutely priceless.”

Riders’ head coach Craig Dickenson noted how Harris’ presence enhances the overall work ethic and experience for the team. “His presence in itself amplifies the message the coaches are trying to get across,”, he said. However, the future of whether Harris will participate in the season remains unpromised as no decision has been made yet by the Riders.


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