Star Casino Thwarts Blackmail Attempt By Rejected Job Applicant with Criminal History


In an intriguing development, Sydney’s Star Casino successfully pursued a court injunction against an individual who sought to blackmail the entertainment establishment following the rejection of his employment application. This individual, known simply as “AB” in legal paperwork, applied for a position at the Star Casino in January. His application, however, was declined when a routine police check unearthed a lengthy criminal history he had failed to disclose.

According to reports from Australia’s Daily Telegraph, AB’s criminal past is checkered with a litany of convictions including offenses for dishonesty, car theft, a glaring disregard for domestic violence orders, as well as a slew of traffic infractions.

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The story took a nefarious turn just a week after AB’s rejection. On April 7th, AB sent a threatening email to Star’s Human Resources department. His email was imbued with demands for his former girlfriend, a managerial figure at the casino, to be dismissed from her role by 10 a.m. that same morning. Should the casino fail to meet his demands, he threatened to publicize sensitive customer banking and personal information.

To add weight to his threat, AB’s email included screenshots which appeared to contain confidential customer details from the casino’s internal database. As it transpired, AB had surreptitiously procured this information from his ex-girlfriend’s phone, who, as a part of her role at the Star, had access to such privileged data. Further adding layers to the complex saga, it surfaced that the couple had recently parted ways, leading some to believe that AB was pursuing a vendetta against both the casino and his former lover.

When the Star promptly responded to AB’s email, warning him of potential civil and criminal liability, AB was unswayed. His response curtly stated that unless his former girlfriend was dismissed, he would proceed with his threat to disclose sensitive casino customer information.

Acting promptly against the disturbing threat, the Star launched an urgent legal action. Within two days, officials served AB with a summons, and by this week, the New South Wales Supreme Court had approved a permanent injunction, effectively barring AB from divulging any of the threatened confidential data.

Seemingly in redemption, AB never acted on his threats to disclose the data. Later, he seemed to have a change of heart. He sent an email to Star casino’s legal team apologizing for his actions and blaming his unruly behavior on a mix of alcohol and illicit substances, to the point of allegedly not remembering the issuance of any threat.

His efforts to make amends didn’t stop there. AB sent another email weeks later, chronicling his struggle with a “drug-induced depression” that led him to behave out of character. In a seeming act of remorse, he revealed that he had sought help and entered rehab, and made an unexpected plea for his former girlfriend to escape any repercussions from his actions, ensuring she had no part in his ill-conceived plot.

At this stage, it remains uncertain whether AB will face further criminal investigation for his menacing actions against the Star Casino. The tale serves as a stark reminder of the intricate and sometimes dangerous crossroads where personal vendettas meet professional environments.