Stanley Cup Shipped To Montreal For A Refresher After Bumps And Dents During Tampa Boat Parade


Looks like the Stanley Cup will be headed to Montreal, but for a different reason. It will be brought back to the Lighting for another session of celebrations.

The team celebrated a second title win with their signature Champa Bay parade Monday. Now, the cup needs a refresher to rid of dents and bumps resulting from it dropping and hitting the ground in various instances.

The bowl sustained dents that made it look flat. However, tis won’t be its first rodeo, as it had gone through the same experience before, and was fixed. In 2018, the Washington Capitals performed the think kegstands on it after they won the NHL.

Many residents on their boats enjoyed the sight if the boat carrying the current champions. A post-celebration rally at a downtown park was held off for a whole hour after a heavy thunderstorm coupled with gusting winds hit sending fans running for a hideout.

After a while, the team’s owner, and the club got on the podium to speak to fans in a steady downpour.

This marks the third time the team is celebrating a title win with impressive parades that Tampa Bay authorities set up to offer the team a safe way to celebrate their wins.

February’s party was the icing on the cake for a post-season series of games that Bucs started by securing three consecutive play-offs while on the road and completing their journey as the first team to secure a super bowl at home.


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