St Machar Thistle AFC Undeterred by 51-0 Defeat, Focuses on Growth


Newbies in the Scottish grassroots football, St Machar Thistle AFC, faced a rather unfortunate defeat over the weekend, with a daunting scoreboard of 51-0 against AC Mill Inn Academy. This distressing result came a week after the same adversaries outshone them with a 19-0 score. An unforeseeable mix of work, family and educational obligations meant St Machar could only field eight players for the cup tie held at Stonehaven, in the height of Scottish winter tempest.

The St Machar Thistle squad, mainly comprised of students who formed the team only a couple of months ago, initially anticipated a team of ten. A last-minute ruling, however, declared the two reserved trialists were ineligible to participate, shrinking their squad size yet again. Despite the circumstances, the sport’s spirit prevailed as their manager, Cameron Ashwood, stated they faced the match with enthusiasm, cherishing each experience as part of their development.

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“Naturally, results such as these are part of the journey when you’re getting started,” Ashwood explained. “We stand by our performance and will continue to learn and grow as a team.”

On-field leader, Eoin Devlin, courageously took up the goalkeeper’s position despite his usual role as an outfield player. By half-time, it was an astonishing 25-0. The manager praised Devlin’s determination and bravery, adding it was a voluntary decision by the captain himself.

This abysmal defeat, however, hasn’t dampened the spirits of these aspiring footballers. They are expected to return to their training grounds and continue to learn from their experiences. “The feedback has been generally optimistic,” shared Ashwood. “We’re the embodiment of when things don’t go as planned, and we take that as a lesson.”

This week’s encounter delivers a strong resolve within the St Machar Thistle team, and their competitive spirit remains undeterred. They indeed provide an inspiring example of sportsmanship and tenacity, traits displayed by their commitment to growth in the face of adversity. Their journey has just begun, and they are bound to continue delivering a commendable show of perseverance.