St. Louis Youth Football Season Axed after Coach Shot over Playing Time Dispute


In an unsettling turn of events, a youth football team based in St. Louis saw the remainder of its season abruptly truncated following a disturbing incident – the player’s parent allegedly shot the coach multiple times because his son did not secure a starting role in the team. This revelation emerged through various reports from the city and police.

On the 10th of October, law enforcement was summoned to the site of the occurrence where they encountered the coach, gripped in the throes of “serious physical injury” resulting from the bullets. While receiving treatment at the hospital, the coach conveyed to the police that the parent, upset with the coach’s decision to not let his son start, was the perpatrator.

Further details revealed that the parent had aggressively confronted the coach and ultimately shot him numerous times while the latter was unarmed. The alleged aggressor, Daryl Brian Clemmons as per police and jail records, was apprehended and slapped with charges of first-degree assault and armed criminal action, as revealed in the records. Moreover, he was decreed to be held in detention without bail until his trial proceedings, as stated in the court records.

Clemmons’ representation by the public defender’s office was confirmed on a Thursday by CNN, although they refrained from any additional statement regarding this matter. The identity of the coach has not been publically disclosed by the police, but local media outlets have recognized him to be Shaquille Latimore.

Latimore, a coach of the Bad Boyz Team, in his conversation with CNN affiliate KSDK, shared that he had been shot four times and grazed once. Latimore revealed that he still carried bullet shards in his body, whilst expressing his gratitude towards divine intervention for his continued life.

His family, especially his wife, was in the dark about his tragic ordeal until she was certain that his recovery was on the course. More than his family, Latimore is missing spending time with his team, which he is looking forward to.

Expressing his sentiments towards his hustled team, Latimore stated, “This is what a fighter looks like”, underscoring his attachment and dedication for these youthful souls. However, his predecessor grievance was eclipsed by his disappointment on the city’s decision to suspend his team from the City Rec Legends Football League, a program organized under the aegis of the city’s Recreation Department.

Nick Dunne, spokesperson for St. Louis’ city government, shared that the team’s suspension was brought about by the culmination of a sequence of episodes perpetrated by adults, resulting in the tragic shooting on October 10th. He further added that league rules were put into place to ensure the safety of the participating youth, and they would continue to uphold them for a safe and successful football season.

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