St. John’s Fireman Contracts COVID-19, 36 Self-Isolate


A member of St. John’s Regional fire department has contracted the virus, prompting the fire department the send another 16 homes to self-isolate.

This is on top of the 20 members the department sent home to isolate due to non-work-related activities. Fire Chief Sherry Colford noted that this brings a lot of concern. The action they took is no different from the steps other impacted organizations have taken.

However, she added that they have contingency measures in place. They have not had any issues covering the shifts of those in self-isolation. The chief noted that she and the rest of the team would continue addressing their problems to ensure they continue to offer service to their area.

There are 176 permanent, full-time firemen and women, with 12 being temps, while 36 are isolated.

The most recent case involves an employee who had reported for duty at the paradise and Brookfield fire stations. The two stations were offline the entire day.

The Brookfield fire station expects a new crew before 5 pm. This coming Wednesday, after a thorough cleaning session, the chief noted.

The paradise fire station is currently operational after a new crew showed up for work. The chief noted that people would be informed of direct contact with the staff in isolation. However, the department is confident in the PPEs they wear when responding to emergencies.


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