St. Anne’s and DDO to save energy with new street light technology


By Rhonda Massad


Dollard des Ormeaux and St. Anne’s have made changing street lamp technology a priority. Both cities are heading towards Led low energy decorative lighting to save money as well as reduce their carbon footprints. St. Anne’s has be working on the transition for two years. According to Mayor Paola Hawa the roll out will take place over ten years. “Each year we set aside $50,000 in our regular budget to change older inefficient street lighting to new more energy efficient models,” Hawa told The Suburban in an interview, “we will be moving towards LED lighting.”


The model chosen will point the light away from the sky. “The benefits will be two fold – we are going to save money by reducing energy consumption and reduce light pollution at the same time.” Hawa said. According to Hawa this year the city will be able to transfer double the amount to the new technology since finding a cheaper model with more advanced technology than was used in the past two years.


“Our new Philip Roadview models are 60% cheaper than the ones that were installed in the past. We are set to go to tender after the April public council meeting,” Hawa explained,”There are also grants available to encourage cities to go green so we may do even more than expected.”


Dollard des Ormeaux will is also looking towards changing their decorative street light technology according to Eric Belanger DDO section head road network. “We are in the process of testing five models of lighting and we have instructions from council to move quickly so we can get started on the work as soon as possible,” he explained, “once we finish the study we will then make a recommendation to council.”


At the April city council meeting DDO council approved a $6 million allocation to their capital budget for the project, part of which according to Belanger will hopefully be covered by grants.


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