SPVM, Neighbourhood Watch & Municipal Patrol’s Back to School Campaign

Marcel Roux explains the Neighbourhood Watch program to a Beaconsfield parent
Marcel Roux explains the Neighbourhood Watch program to a Beaconsfield parent

By: Al Gardner , Beaconsfield Citizens Association

It is back to school time, filled with excitement on the part of the kids and relief and in some cases trepidation on the part of parents.  This year, as in the past the SPVM officers of PDQ 1 organized a back to school campaign, which includes their presence, along with their partners, (Municipal Patrol and Neighbourhood Watch)  at elementary schools throughout their territory.

The initiative promotes a good relationship between the children and the participating agencies.  Representatives from Neighbourhood Watch were on hand as well to inform Beaconsfield residents of the Neighbourhood Watch program.

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Parents and children await the bell to ring on a new school year.

Motorists are reminded that now that school is back, to give an added attention to safe driving.  Watch the speed and no texting while driving.  The SPVM will be augmenting their presence around schools to ensure safety.

 If you would like additional information on the Neighbourhood Watch program or to join, please visit www.nw-sdq-beaconsfield.org  or call Al Gardner at 514-258-1618.


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