Sprinter Bianca Williams Fights Racial Misconduct Claims in Metropolitan Police Hearing


Amid a misconduct hearing, a well-known sprinter who was halted by law enforcement in west London has maintained her innocence, vehemently stating that she had “nothing to hide” at the time of her unsettling encounter. The athlete in question, Bianca Williams, and her partner Ricardo dos Santos, found themselves the subject of an invasive search while their three-month-old infant was present in the vehicle.

The incident unfolded in Maida Vale in July 2020 much to their shock and distress. At the revelation, Ms. Williams struggled to hold back her tears as she recounted her traumatic experience. The heart-wrenching scenario involved her being handcuffed while her infant son cried ceaselessly in the vehicle, while five officers of the Metropolitan Police vehemently deny accusations of gross misconduct.

The hearing was given a first-hand perspective of the harrowing event through police body-cam footage that painted a clear picture of Ms. Williams’ detainment, her incensed pleas evident as she urged officers to inspect the car.

The couple, handcuffed for an agonizing duration of 45 minutes, were separated from their son and subjected to a search for illicit substances and weapons. With no evidence of any such wrongdoings found, the couple were eventually released without arrest.

Aged 29, Ms. Williams gave a candid testimony about her views towards the law enforcement, fueled by numerous accounts of her partner being inexplicably stopped and searched time and again.

The reprehensible ordeal spurred the couple to levy allegations of racism against the officers involved. Amid the hearing, Ms. Williams refuted claims of any reckless or erratic driving behaviour by Mr dos Santos on the day in question.

Further allegations by her partner included claims of officers approaching his car bearing “glass cutters and batons raised” clearly visible, ending with the couple’s detention.

This unsettling footage subsequently surfaced on Twitter, rapidly gaining traction as former Olympic 100m champion Linford Christie shared the video. The recording depicted officers forcibly hauling Mr dos Santos from his vehicle and onto the roadside before placing him in handcuffs while a visibly distraught Ms. Williams pleads the officers to allow her to attend to her crying son.

Just moments later, she too was restrained. In her defense, Ms. Williams was adamant that her partner couldn’t have acted differently to deter law enforcement intervention, asserting that “he can’t change the colour of his skin”.

The video’s virality on social media platforms fuelled outrage and sympathy for the couple who were evidently distressed after being separated from their baby. In the aftermath of the incident, the Metropolitan Police voluntarily referred the case to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC)

Acting Sgt Rachel Simpson, along with PC Allan Casey, Jonathan Clapham, Michael Bond and Sam Franks, now face serious allegations of breach in police standards concerning equality and diversity, accuracy of the account of the stop and search, as well as use of force and respect.

Despite the allegation, the officers involved have adamantly denied any wrongdoings, insisting the vehicle manifested suspicious activity. The ongoing hearings will further elaborate on these events.


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