While our minds have understandably been focused elsewhere at this very difficult time, water levels have begun to rise in Montreal’s West Island.

As of April 14th, 2020, both the boroughs of Pierrefonds-Roxboro and Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève have reported that the minor flood threshold has been reached. In addition, the water levels in the rivière des Prairies have seen a drop in the last 48 hours despite the recent rain.

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Yesterday, the city of Pointe-Claire announced the closure of the Cartier Ave. & Edgewater parking lot due to high water levels. Today, the Cartier avenue parking lot is open and Edgewater is partially closed because all of the water has not yet receded.

In respect of measures preventing the spread of COVID-19, supporting the community will have to be done differently this year. The city of Montreal has stated that the “Safety and sanitary measures recommended by the public health department apply at all times.” The city explained that “Citizens who prepare sandbags or build dikes must comply with social distancing directives by remaining at a distance of 2 meters.”

If the flooding situation were to evolve causing evacuations, shelters will NOT be set up as done in previous years. If evacuees have nowhere to go, they will be temporarily located in a hotel. Stay informed of the changing water level in your region by consulting this LINK.

The West Island Blog’s Dario De Felice was on the grounds LIVE in Pierrefonds with an update on the Flood Situation. Watch the live stream HERE.

If you have photos or video of flooding in your area, send us an email: dario@westislandblog.com