Spring Break Up Proms Boil Water Advisory In A Number Of South Slave Areas


Spring breakup in some first nation territories has driven authorities to issue a boil water advisory. The affected territories include Enterprise, Hay River, K’atl’Odeeche, Kakisa first nation.

Public health officials are asking people in the affected areas to have their water boiled for a minute or more before they take it due to an increase in muddy water occasioned by a spring breakup.

The advisory covers all water deemed for drinking, making ice cubes, preparing food, washing vegetables and fruit, preparation of baby food, and dental hygiene.

Health officials also urged people not to drink water oozing from public fountains in the said areas.

the advisory also notes that processes such as reverse osmosis, distillation, and filtration, which use filters of size 1 micron or below can be used to clean the water.


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