Spoil yourself and live a Party 4 One life! – A one way trip to self-confidence and personal success


“Joanna offers you healthy recipes to fight with confidence and dance your way through life!”

Private chef with a pinch of inspiration., Joanna Ruckenstein has been on a quest to learn everything she could about personal growth, motivation, general increased awareness, philanthropy and nutrition.
Joanna Ruckenstein
She is ready to share her extensive experience by taking that knowledge and inspiring others to feel whole and to chase their dreams.
Let Joanna Ruckenstein take you on a journey of self-awareness and personal growth with her 11 week program where she is totally devoted to you.  She will help you re-discover simplicity, be one with Nature and figure things out. 
“As your sidekick, I want you to reap all the possible benefits. For 11 weeks, or longer if you need it, you have my undivided attention, love and compassion,” Joanna explains. 
Most importantly, you will want to get out your dancing shoes and have uninterrupted time with your self to learn, evolve and party!


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“The Party 4 One is a wild ride and is a program like no other –  it’s tons of fun!  A time to spoil your self and to find more bliss and self-confidence,” says Joanna, “You’re about to wake up your soul in the most fun way possible, and live with more purpose & adventure!”


Upon completion of this program you’ll always be in the drivers’ seat and confident to handle anything life throws at you.”

For more information on the 11 week Party 4 One program or her private chef services, contact Joanna today at joruckenstein@hotmail.com or follow her on facebook .
Joanna Ruckenstein
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