Spinach – Popeye was right!


I love to teach people how to fall in love with vegetables and the fact that spinach is so versatile and readily available makes it a super food that is simple to incorporate into our diet.

Spinach, the young and tender dark leafy greens have an abundance of health benefits to offer, and yes this super functional food can make us stronger!

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When slightly steamed spinach releases more of its protective antioxidant and when eaten raw it offers vital vitamins and minerals, including a notable amount of iron, magnesium, and folate.

10 easy ways to enjoy spinach (and other super greens)

1- Steamed or blanched

2- Sauté with onions and garlic

3- Raw in salads

4- In soups and stews (last few minutes of cooking)

5- In an omelet

6- Whirl into a smoothie (great with strawberries)

7- Enrich your wrap or sandwich

8- Create a bed of spinach for your dish

9- In a pasta or pizza dish

10-In stuffed peppers or mushrooms


Fun fact: Catherine’s bed of spinach

In the 1500’s Catherine de Medici migrated from Florence to France to marry the king. She brought her Italian cooks with her to serve her favourite foods. She loved spinach and that is how the terms “bed of spinach” or “spinach à la Florentine” were born and are still used today as a lovely base for great meals in high-end restaurants.


Health tip:       Spinach goes well with a squirt of lemon to help with iron absorption.

It also benefits us when healthy fats such as avocado or extra virgin oils are consumed with it.

I like to cover all the bases, so I eat some of it raw in a salad and steam the rest to accompany a meal.