Southwest Airlines Jet Makes Emergency Denver Return after Engine Malfunction


In an alarming incident, a Southwest Airlines jet was forced to make an abrupt return to Denver early Sunday morning. The drama on the morning sky had begun when the aircraft’s engine cover got detached and, in a stroke of bad luck, marked its trajectory into the wing flap during the critical phase of takeoff, as disclosed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Taking swift action, the jet, a Boeing 737, executed a safe landing back in Denver, much to the relief of all onboard. Those passengers, with their initial destination for the day being Houston, were then transferred onto another aircraft, said Southwest Airlines conveying the series of events.

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In their statement, Southwest Airlines offered their sincere apologies for the hiccup that caused a delay in the journey of their passengers. However, they emphasized their unwavering commitment to safety, placing it as their utmost priority, for both their customers and employees. They added that the airline’s maintenance teams have taken up the crucial task of scrutinizing the aircraft to ascertain the causes of such mechanical failure.

However, this incident is not alone in sullying the reputation of Southwest Airlines. Merely days prior, another of their flights, originating from Texas, had to be cancelled in the wake of an engine fire. This scenario culminated into the Lubbock, Texas, fire department extinguishing a fire in one of the two engines of the stricken aircraft, as confirmed through their online statement.

Now, the Federal Aviation Administration has taken upon itself the task of investigating both these distressing incidents. A hard to ignore detail from these two incidents was the make of the aircraft involved. Both, the Denver and Lubbock flights, were found to be Boeing 737-800s, a model that is inherently older than the oft-in-news, 737 Max.

As these back-to-back incidents raise questions on the airline’s safety protocols, the passengers can only hope for an immediate resolution and preventive measures by Southwest Airlines.