South Simcoe Police Seek Public Help in Bradford Home Invasion Case


In the wake of an unsettling home invasion that occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning in Bradford West Gwillimbury, police officials from South Simcoe Police department are soliciting the public’s assistance.

In the still of the early dawn, multiple assailants, armed and reckless, successfully penetrated the sanctuary of a residence nestled within the intersection of Magani Avenue and Collings Avenue. On encountering the two septuagenarians, a man and woman who called this place home, the perpetrators resorted to violence, resulting in minor injuries to the elderly couple.

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The male victim, though sustaining only nominal physical hurts, was prudently dispatched to a nearby hospital to ensure no unseen complications. The assailants, upon completing their foul deed, absconded from the scene with money and other assorted items pilfered from the home.

Despite the disquieting event, it appears the perpetrators managed their escape on foot and it remains unknown if they employed a getaway vehicle at any point. As of current, the police have yet to make any arrests relating to this unfortunate circumstance.

Authorities urge members of the public possessing any relevant information or security footage to reach out, either directly to them or via Crime Stoppers. No detail is too small, and your input could provide the much-needed lead to apprehend those responsible and secure justice for the victims.

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