South Dakota Governor Noem’s Social Media Pages Mysteriously Go Dormant Amid Controversies


In an unexpected turn of events, the official social media handles of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem seem to have disappeared into the abyss of the internet. Previously boasting hundreds of thousands of followers across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and X, the former Twitter platform, it was found on Monday, that the page links dedicated to these platforms on the governor’s website now lead to the announcement stating the pages were in a state of inactivity.

Interestingly though, the YouTube link associated with the governor’s moniker is still in operation. Likewise, Noem’s individual profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and X continue their existence unfettered.

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A freshly minted X account came to life this month seemingly to be the governor’s professional voice in the place of the vanished one. However, till Monday morning, its digital footfall was somewhat scant compared to her previous one, hosting only over 300 followers – a stark contrast to her old account’s approximately half a million.

Ian Fury, Noem’s spokesperson, directed the inquiries of The Associated Press toward this new account, declaring it the official channel for updates from the governor’s office. Nonetheless, Fury was reticent about divulging any information concerning the destiny of the old accounts or the parties believed to be responsible for their deletion —Noem or her administration.

Noem, erstwhile perceived as a vice presidential aspirant for the 2024 ticket alongside former Republican President Donald Trump, has been at the receiving end of a constant inflow of animosity for a lethal deed concerning a vivacious puppy. The act came to light this April when The Guardian unearthed the details penned down by Noem herself in her latest literary endeavor.

She attempted to put her own spin on the two-decade-old chronicle, trying to showcase it as a testimony to her unflinching resolve even when faced with harsh choices. According to her social media narrative, the puppy named Cricket, a 14-month-old wirehaired pointer, was famously aggressive and had even attempted bites.

Apart from this, there is also internal dissatisfaction brewing in South Dakota against Governor Noem after statements she made concerning the tribal leaders and their alleged association with drug cartels. Consequently, several tribes have shown their contempt and rebuffed Noem’s presence at their reservations.