Solana’s Solareum Bot Axed After $500k Breach, Polygon and KangaMoon Shine Bright


In an exciting whirl of events in the digital currency sector, a number of top crypto projects are making notable shifts. One such pivot is the Solana (SOL) project’s decision to decommission its telegram bot known as Solareum, following an unfortunate breach. This incident led to an exploit causing losses upwards of $500,000. While this news is rather unsettling for SOL enthusiasts, there’s an intriguing development heating up elsewhere in this industry: Polygon (MATIC) has its sights set on enhancing its zkEVM scaling protocol by incorporating an additional node.

Recently, the trading bot on Telegram that facilitates the exchange of Solana-based tokens, the soon-to-be-defunct Solareum, experienced a significant security breach. This disruption led to a theft surpassing $523,000 in Solana coins directly from user wallets. The alarming breach, which occurred on March 29th, is estimated to have impacted over 300 end users who, sadly, fell prey to this exploit.

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In the aftermath of this breach, Solareum was quick to respond with a statement. It controversially contended that users might themselves be accountable for the exploit, even as it conceded the possibility of an exploited vulnerability prior to the drain.

Meanwhile, Polygon (MATIC) is gearing up to augment its zkEVM mainnet, aiming to improve network performance and sync times. It is working on integrating the cdk-erigon RPC node. The potential benefits of this addition promise to be substantial. Implementing the cdk-erigon RPC node could lead to over 10 times reduction in disc space consumption and a 150 times increase in sync speed. Currently, this RPC node is being tested rigorously before its eventual deployment on the Polygon network.

Concurrently, a rising star in the crypto sphere, KangaMoon (KANG), is gaining significant traction. Given the robust and consistent growth of the KangaMoon’s presale, the project is glimmering on the horizon of a new milestone. To date, the KANG token presale has amassed an impressive $4 million from an expansive base of over 5,800 eager investors. This growth trend has seen KangaMoon march on to the fifth stage of its presale period.

Intriguingly, the KangaMoon platform boasts a burgeoning community of over 20,000 registered members, securing its status as a high-performing project in blockchain technology. The KANG token, specifically, has seen a whopping return of 290% for early investors. And if the token’s ascent continues at its current pace, a 700% growth is forecast before the presale concludes, positioning KangaMoon as a right-now investment opportunity.

The KANG token currently sits at just $0.019 with a 10% deposit bonus offer. This accessible price, coupled with its promising growth potential, is generating widespread appeal. Plans are already set in motion to list the token in a major CEX exchange by the second quarter; an event projected to catapult KANG into a 50x rally in the coming months, opening up substantial earning opportunities for those engaging in KangaMoon’s social media campaigns.

Crucially, KangaMoon is more than just a trading platform. It is an enabler for the meme enthusiast world, bringing users together through its SocialFi structure. The GameFi feature adds an exhilarating touch to the platform, offering an engaging, play-to-earn gaming spree that rewards players with collectible NFTs and the KANG token. It’s safe to say, KANGaMoon is swiftly emerging as the platform to consider, both from an investment and interaction angle.