Solana Surges Past $100, Aims for $112 Peak


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, Solana has made a striking move, embarking on a bullish journey that has surpassed the coveted $100 threshold. The digital currency SOL has displayed signals indicative of a burgeoning increase and appears positioned to surge toward the $112 mark with unwavering momentum.

Following its support at $93.20, SOL price initiated a notable ascension vis-à-vis the US Dollar. Trading above $98, the cryptocurrency now confidently strides beyond the 100 simple moving average on the 4-hour spectrum. Highlighting its fortitude was the breach of a significant bearish trend line that previously loomed at $96 on the 4-hour SOL/USD chart.

The surge in Solana’s value has been nothing short of impressive, marking an over 7% increase as it leapfrogged the $100 level and outshone its peers, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The rally also successfully navigated beyond the 76.4% Fib retracement level that mapped the descent from a swing high of $102.46 down to a low of $93.17.

Now stationed aptly above $98 with the security of the 100 simple moving average anchoring its position, Solana’s market posture is robust. With its eyes set on the immediate resistance level near $102.50, and subsequent major resistance close to $105, the path is paved for potential ascendance. A conclusive scale over the $105 hallmark resistance may lay the groundwork for a substantive rally, with the next consequential resistance hovering near $112. Should the uptrend maintain, it could propel prices in the direction of the $120 echelon.

Yet, every ascent has the potential for a descent. Should SOL fail to conquer the resistance at $105, it might reel into a correction phase. Immediate support simmering at $98 could buffer a retracement, with subsequent significant support aligned at $96 and the essential 100 simple moving average over a 4-hour period. Traversing below this juncture could beckon prices to the $93.20 support level, with a breach here possibly leading to an approach toward the $85 support range in the near term.

The technical indicators provide a glint of optimism for Solana’s trajectory. The 4-Hours MACD corroborates the burgeoning bullish zone, while the RSI for SOL/USD sustains above the 50 level, indicative of a continued positive trend.

As the rally propels the fervent crypto markets, enthusiasts and seasoned investors alike keep a vigilant eye on the major support and resistance levels: with $96 and $93.20 underpinning, and $102.50, $105, and $112 as the principal targets. The vicissitudes of the digital currency landscape are as relentless as they are exciting, offering a spectrum of possibilities for those enraptured by the technological and economic revolution of our times.


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