Solana Surges Ahead, Outshining Bitcoin and Ethereum Amid Unstaked SOL Rise


In the dynamic world of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies, Solana is emerging as a noteworthy player, leveraging a decentralized network of validators who uphold the network’s integrity by staking their SOL coins. In return, these validators reap fulfilling rewards.

However, an interesting twist has been observed in the recent period. With Solana’s price experiencing an upward curve, a dip in staked SOL has been noted, hinting that certain validators might be deciding to unstake their coins, possibly to capitalize on this dramatic price rise to secure early gains.

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This Tuesday proved to be a remarkable day for Solana, which gained momentum and swelled by a substantial 17%, augmenting its market capitalization by more than $11 billion to surpass the hefty total of $70 billion. This triumphant performance allowed Solana to surpass key players in the market such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which found themselves ensnared in their respective price fluctuations. With its staggering market capitalization reaching an impressive $80.7 billion, Solana’s surge has undoubtedly turned heads in the crypto domain.

Analysts are casting a keen eye on this unstaking activity, with the unstaked amount surging to an intriguing 5 million SOL in the past week. Given that Solana is currently exchanging hands at roughly $157 per coin, this equates to nearly $780 million worth of tokens thrust back into the market. The abrupt flow of such an overwhelming volume could foster a temporary, short- lived oversupply scenario on exchanges.

Predicting the consequences of unstaked SOL on the price engages a thought-provoking debate. In the absence of a parallel surge in demand to soak up this additional supply, an initial price discrepancy might unfold over the upcoming days. This sequence of events could compel Solana to retract from its present position and settle around the $150 benchmark before potentially gaining forward momentum towards $200.

The course of the forthcoming days will be pivotal for Solana. The bullish investors need to exert sustained buying pressure to absorb the unstaked coins and nudge the price above the $160 barrier. Should this be successful, it would potentially thrust Solana towards the coveted target of $200. Nevertheless, if this endeavor falters and is coupled with a large-scale sell-off of unstaked SOL, a correction down to $150 might be triggered.

In an exciting revelation, the Solana Breakpoint 2024 is on the horizon, slated to take place in Singapore from September 20 to September 21. The rendezvous offers exclusive access to the heart of the Solana community, brimming with enlightening discourses and special events.

In a bid to ensure an inclusive gathering, affordable rates are on offer for a broad spectrum of potential attendees like developers, creators, artists, and students. Conveniently located just a 15-minute journey from downtown Amsterdam, the Solana Campus is set to host a range of stages for insightful talks, networking zones for cultivating connections, and complimentary transportation to facilitate the convenience of attendees.

Solana Breakpoint is a highly anticipated event within the Solana community, serving as a medium for developers, validators, and other integral ecosystem contributors to converse on the latest developments, impart insights, and showcase their accomplishments. This annual gathering underscores Solana’s potential and its influential position within the broader blockchain ecosystem, emphasizing its superior performance, reliability, and capacity for innovation.