Solana Shows Potential for Market Rebound Following Analyst’s Buy Signal


Despite recent tumultuous weeks, the cryptocurrency Solana (SOL) posted an encouraging market gain of 1.37% according to the latest figures from CoinMarketCap. Though seemingly insignificant, this slight rise in price signals a potential turnaround for the digital coin, which saw a drop of 8.11% in market value last week. This recent performance has elicited eager speculation from crypto connoisseurs, such as renowned analyst Ali Martinez, who suggests SOL’s momentum might continue on its upward trajectory due to a newly identified buy signal.

In a message on Saturday, Martinez pointed to the fact that Solana had recently dipped to a significant support level at the $141 mark, triggering the much-anticipated buy signal via the TD Sequential indicator system.

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The Tom DeMark Sequential indicator, a revered tool among crypto enthusiasts, is employed to highlight potential turning points in an asset’s price. By tallying a sequence of price bars, it endeavors to predict market reversals and trends.

Martinez posits that SOL’s recent slump to $141, following a bearish week, has instigated a potential trend reversal as per the TD Sequential signals. If the $141 mark continues to provide steady support and the buy signal proves to be accurate, he believes Solana could feasibly sustain an upward price streak over the next 1-4 days.

Interestingly, mere moments after encountering the aforementioned support level, Solana rebounded with a rise of over 3%, bringing it above the $145 mark. According to Martinez’s theory, if this pattern of growth persists for the next four days, SOL could potentially breach the $158 mark. However, a formidable resistance lies in wait at the $149 threshold. A surge in selling pressure at this upper limit could force the altcoin back into a bearish spiral.

At the time of reporting, Solana traded at $145.16, representing a 10.25% decline over the month. Despite a seemingly disappointing month, the digital coin remains ranked among the best-performing cryptocurrencies in 2024 with an impressive annual gain of 43.5%.

Solana, known for its impressive gain from approximately $3.5 to a staggering $249.98 during the previous bull cycle, is widely viewed as a digital asset poised to rocket in the speculated forthcoming crypto bull run. Bolstered by a robust meme coin ecosystem estimated at a staggering $7.46 billion, Solana stands a promising chance of achieving new pinnacles in the ensuing months.