Solana DEXs Eclipse Ethereum in Daily Trading Volume


In an unprecedented shift within the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape, Solana-based decentralized exchanges have overtaken their Ethereum counterparts in a crucial performance indicator. Trailblazing through the charts, the cumulative daily trading volume of Solana DEXs recently outshone that of Ethereum, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing blockchain protocol rivalry.

Fueled by insights from DeFiLlama, it was revealed that Solana’s DEXs collectively breached the billion-dollar ceiling with a staggering $1.14 billion in trading activity over a 24-hour span. In contrast, Ethereum DEXs, once the undisputed leaders of the pack, reported slightly lower figures at $1.133 billion for the same timeframe.

This remarkable feat first manifested in December 2023 when the ever-growing Solana ecosystem witnessed its DEXs reaching an all-time high daily volume of $1.475 billion. By comparison, Ethereum’s trading volume clocked in at $1.164 billion, prompting the trading community to cast a renewed and enthusiastic gaze on Solana and its capabilities.

The upturn in fortunes for the Solana ecosystem is further reinforced by its weekly flux in trading volume—an impressive leap of over 37%. Despite these recent wins, Ethereum continues to lead on a week-over-week basis, maintaining a seven-day volume totalling $7.852 billion, as opposed to Solana’s $6.113 billion.

Adding granularity to these exchanges’ performances are analytics from CoinGecko, which place Solana-based DEXs Jupiter and Orca among the top three giants by volume over the last day. Notably, Jupiter recorded a daily turnover of $614 million, and Orca posted $380 million, securing the second and third positions respectively. Though Uniswap V3, operating on the Ethereum network, held its ground atop the charts with $636 million in trades.

The burgeoning interest in Jupiter, alongside its rise in monthly user metrics, has been underscored by analysis from the research platform SoSo Value on X, spotlighting the platform’s role in energizing the SOL ecosystem.

The strides made by Solana are not merely numerical achievements; they signify the thriving pulse of its DeFi practices. Nevertheless, despite outperforming Ethereum in short-term metrics, Ethereum retains its throne in the overarching DeFi domain, as evidenced by its formidable Total Value Locked exceeding $6 billion.

The native token of the Solana network has paralleled these strides, carving out a significant niche within the meme coin sector and enticing traders with its rapid transactions and appealing airdrops. These offerings have enabled the SOL token to recover lost ground, now trading within the buoyant $90-$100 bracket.

Recent valuations place SOL modestly higher, edging upwards to reflect an appreciation in value. The token is currently exchanging hands at around $100.23, per’s most recent hourly charts, leaning into a gentle uptrend suggestive of an ecosystem ripe with potential and investor intrigue.


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