moonlight snow shoe treckImagine you are outside on a fresh winter night, dressed warm, the moon is round and shining bright.  You are surrounded by happy people, people who care about others.  Nature is quiet and beautiful, snow is sparkling and crackling under your snowshoes.  Someone falls in front and someone else has their hand out almost immediately to help them up because that’s the spirit! 

Here, no one is a stranger.  Like life, we are all in this together.  Once in a while, you stop to look at a particular tree or the footprint of an animal; the guide is telling you all about it.  He is fascinating.  He knows so much about nature that you wonder how you’ve been outside before without noticing all this.  Keep on walking, there’s a bonfire nearby.  A little rest midway, warming up.  And back down towards the building you go. 

People start to move faster….some have done this before, they know what is waiting down the hill.  Take off the snowshoes outside and get inside.  It’s warm, cozy, inviting.  There’s music, a fireplace, couches.  And food!  Generously prepared and offered by Eatz Chez Vous.  It smells amazing!  You grab a plate and want to try everything.  Then you go sit with that girl who fell with the great smile over there.  Small talk.  The ambiance is light and festive.  And you think to yourself: ‘’this really was a great night!’’  And it was only 20$ and all the money is going to the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation.

Doesn’t it sound dreamy? 

An amazing way to spend 20$ or spend a Friday night in March?

moonlight snow shoe treck

Believe me, it is.  It is exactly that….but better!  Because you have to live it to know it.

By now I probably have you convinced that this is an event to put in your calendar (if not, I don’t know what will!!).  And you find out this nighttime snowshoe trek is gonna be at the Belvedere cemetery, the snacks served in the funeral home and this is all happening on Friday the 13th.

Maybe you think: “wow!! What an awesome idea!  I’m in!”  In which case, here’s the link to get your ticket:

No snowshoes?  No problem!  The MAC Campus athletic and recreation is letting us borrow a ton for the event.  Grab a pair, use it, it’s free (except we won’t have children sizes available).

But I also want to talk to you.  You who are possibly scared, maybe think this is too weird, a cemetery at night, or even during the day is not “your thing”.  Don’t let that stop you.  If the event itself doesn’t attract you then so be it!  There will be other things for you to do with your 20$ and that Friday night that will bring you joy, guaranteed!  But if the snowshoe trek at night was a story you felt you wanted to tell for yourself but the location made you take 12 steps back.  Don’t.  Cemeteries, not unlike Friday the 13th, are scary because they are misunderstood.   There is peace here, so much love comes through these doors, so many memories are shared.  The energy is far from dark.  Trust me, I come here every day.

Check out the Facebook Event

moonlight snow shoe treck


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