Snapchat Settles $15 Million Discrimination Lawsuit, Inspires Industry Changes


Amid the sparkly allure of Silicon Valley, a storm has been brooding. The innovative star of the tech world, Snapchat Inc., is at the center of this storm, accused of systematically discriminating against women in their workforce. Now, this maelstrom of injustice has concluded with a substantial settlement that will see the company forking over $15 million.

This remarkable story began with an investigation led by the California Civil Rights Department, a champion of workplace fairness. It claimed that Snapchat was not just discriminating against women in terms of pay and promotions but had also turned a blind eye to rampant sexual harassment within its corridors. Moreover, the company was accused of retaliating against daring women who had the courage to voice their complaints.

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Inclusive of women who had worked with the company between 2014 and 2024, this settlement, while eye-opening, is yet to secure court approval.

The echoes of gender discrimination at Snapchat have been rattling along for more than three years now. The California Civil Rights Department pulled no punches in highlighting the company’s unfair treatment towards female employees, ironically situated in Santa Monica, a city often celebrated for its progressive ambiance.

The lion’s share of the settlement money will hopefully bring some justice as it heads into the pockets of employees who faced the brunt of discrimination at Snapchat.

Drawing a line in the sand is Kevin Kish, the formidable director of California’s civil rights agency. He commended their innovators, an engine behind their robust economy, while applauding the courageous women who stood up against inequality.

Meanwhile, Snapchat Inc. maintained their innocence, claiming the decision to settle was to avoid spiralling legal costs and protracted court proceedings. With their workforce ballooming from a modest 250 in 2015 to a colossal 5,000 by 2022, the company remained adamant, denying systemic pay discrimination, harassment, or retaliation against women.

Yet, as the tech titan grew, so did the inequality. Ambitious female employees reported being denied promotions, told to wait their turn, while less-qualified male colleagues climbed the corporate ladder. The largest surge of discontent came from the engineering department, where women, making up an extraordinary 70%, felt glass ceilings hindered their advancements.

The lawsuit further revealed a culture rife with sexual harassment. In this appalling climate, women who dared to speak out fearlessly faced retaliation, from negative performance reviews to even losing their jobs.

The claims went further, revealing that in the grand scheme of things women, implicitly and explicitly, was treated as second-tier citizens at Snap.

In the echoes of this scandal, the settlement brought forth significant changes aimed at cleaning up this tarnished image of Snapchat. The company will now have to draft in an independent consultant to assess its compensation and promotion procedures. Furthermore, it will have to hire an external auditor to monitor compliance with sexual harassment, retaliation, and discrimination laws.

Staff members will need to undergo training aimed at preventing discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment. Adding to this, Snapchat will also provide clear and accessible information to all employees about their unequivocal right to report harassment or discrimination without the looming threat of retaliation.

It’s a cautionary tale for all tech companies about the price of ignoring decency and equality within their walls. As this saga concludes, it opens a new chapter for Snapchat Inc, one where the battle cry for equality must echo louder than ever.