Smoked Meat: Montreal’s Paradise on a Plate


January seems to be the month of resolutions, makeovers and reinvention. The phrases that are probably reiterated the most are “I plan to workout more” or “I’m definitely going to start eating healthier.”  If you’ve already started this path towards “wellness,” then awesome!  For those who want to put down that forkful of kale and indulge a little, however, there is always smoked meat in Montreal!

Our city is spoiled with all the smoked meat options available. Dunn’s Famous, however, is truly a Montreal institution; serving city dwellers their family recipe since 1927.  It all started when Myer Dunn opened his first restaurant in the city.   His goal was to offer high-quality smoked meat sandwiches to anyone who wanted to try them.smoked meat poutine 

These days, Dunn’s Famous still uses the same recipe and techniques to maintain their signature smoked flavour.  Curious about what goes into making this decadent smoked meat?  Each beef brisket is first marinated for six days in a secret blend of herbs and spices to really seal in the flavour.  Then it is further marinated and brined for 14 hours, and then steamed to perfection for an additional three.  Talk about long-term commitment!  Dunn’s Famous guarantees that your sandwich will always be stacked with multiple layers of smoked meat, just like it was almost 90 years ago.

If smoked meat sandwiches are not your thing, the restaurant also offers chargrilled steaks, burgers, homemade soups, pasta dishes and last, but not least, Montreal Poutine. This poutine includes homemade gravy, fresh cheese curds and smoked meat of course!  There are also lunch specials everyday from 11am to 3pm where your chosen dish comes with your choice of soup and tomato juice.  Planning on eating out with the kids?  No problem, there’s also a kids menu which comes with soda or juice and ice cream.  There is also a special menu where certain items for kids are free on Sundays.  How’s that for an added bonus?smoked meat

Make sure you also save some room for dessert.  The restaurant offers everything from homemade pies like blueberry, peach crumble and apple, to an old-fashioned ice cream Sunday and diner style milkshakes. 

Dunn’s Famous has five locations in Quebec, including one in downtown Montreal and one on Boulevard Decarie.  The downtown location is great if you plan on going to a pre-hockey game dinner as it’s close to the Bell Centre.  The décor also takes you back to a 1960s diner, so you’ll be twisting the night away, just like you did last summer.Cheese Cake

Don’t feel like eating out?  You can always buy Dunn’s Famous retail items like smoked meat pouches, full briskets, Dunn’s Coleslaw and Dunn’s steak spices.  For those who also prefer to shop closer to home, Dunn’s products are also available at Costco right here on the West Island.  Eating in never tasted so good!

Even if every moment is a good moment to eat smoked meat, it’s always better in the winter!  During these months it’s so comforting eating something that will really stick to your ribs.  So make sure you check it out.


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