Smartmatic Resolves Defamation Lawsuit with One America News Network


In an intriguing turn of events, Smartmatic, a voting technology company caught up in the unfounded fraud accusations concerning the 2020 presidential election, has settled a defamation lawsuit against One America News Network, a predominantly conservative news source.

Based in Florida, Smartmatic’s battle with One America News Network is the most recent chapter in legal pushback by voting equipment firms falsely accused of vote flipping, leading to the reelection loss of ex-President Donald Trump.

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Representatives for Smartmatic confirmed that their company’s dispute with OANN had been resolved via confidential settlement. This declaration arrived as a conclusion of their lawsuit, whose dismissal was officially submitted to the federal court based in the District of Columbia. Chip Babcock, the Houston-based representative defending the news outlet, verified the case’s resolution, though added he was not able to share specifics of the settlement agreement.

Interestingly, Smartmatic was an unusual focus for these fraud-tinged conspiracy theorists. Its voting technology and software had limited use and was confined only to Los Angeles County, a Democratic stronghold in a non-contested state during the presidential tussle where Trump did not challenge his defeat.

However, Smartmatic has a longstanding history of providing voting services in Venezuela, a fact which had provided fuel for spurious allegations that the global corporation had manipulated the electoral outcome against Trump and in favor of Democrat Joe Biden. Smartmatic continues to engage in a legal battle with Fox News and conservative channel Newsmax on grounds similar to those against OANN. Fox has defended its broadcast of election claims promoted by leading figures, citing its First Amendment rights.

In a significant settlement last year, Fox News agreed to pay a whopping $787 million on the brink of a trial to settle a defamation suit lodged by Dominion Voting Systems, a larger voting technology rival. Dominion accused Fox and its hosts of peddling false assertions that its machinery contributed to election rigging against Trump. Dominion’s legal battles continue, with a pending defamation lawsuit against One America News Network among them.

To lend perspective, the conspiracy theories revolving around voting equipment and software are just a portion of the fabrications surrounding the 2020 presidential election’s results that saw Biden emerge victorious. Despite Trump’s objections in key swing states, countless reviews, audits, and recounts confirmed Biden’s win, with no evidence suggesting widespread fraud. Currently, Trump, the potential Republican nominee for the presidency, faces both federal and state charges related to his efforts to reverse the election outcome.