Six Indicted in Alabama Federal Court over Casino and Nightclub Shootings


This week, a federal court in Alabama indicted six individuals in connection to offenses ranging from shootings at a casino and two nightclubs to several other related crimes.

The offender’s charge stems from an unfortunate incident at the Scarlet Pearl Casino in D’Iberville, Mississippi, that claimed the life of 36-year-old Nicholaus “Nick” Craig in September 2022. Craig’s assailant struck while he was inside a vehicle parked across the road from the casino, where he had stopped by with his girlfriend en route to Mobile, Alabama, for his birthday celebration. After sharing a meal at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Craig had reportedly stepped out due to discomfort from recent surgery.

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A disturbing discovery was made subsequent to the tragic incident: Craig’s rental vehicle, a dark blue Nissan Altima, was found burnt to a crisp at an apartment complex in Prichard, Alabama. While Craig was originally from Mobile, he had been residing in California before the unfortunate turn of events.

Federal indictments also followed shootings at two other locations in Mobile: the Bank Nightclub and Paparazzi Club. The latter incident, which occurred on September 18, 2022, at the Bank Nightclub, claimed the life of Derek Shavers, who was allegedly shot by Reginald Dennis Alan Fluker.

The federal court unveiled charges against six individuals implicated in the crimes on Tuesday: Fluker, John Fitzgerald McCarroll, Darrius Dwayne Rowser, Karmelo Cortez Morris Derks, Jimaurice Pierce, and Lyteria Isheeia Hollis. Prosecutors allege McCarroll orchestrated the shootings.

The six face a manifold of charges, including federal conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, with a handful also facing charges related to carjacking, possession of an unregistered firearm, illegal possession of a machine gun, and witness tampering. Prominent among the accused are McCarroll and Fluker, who face murder-for-hire charges. In another unrelated case, McCarroll and Rowser are charged with similar offenses.

While the current narrative reveals the dark side of establishments like casinos and nightclubs, it’s important to recognize that these venues also have another, more positive purpose. They offer entertainment and a thrilling experience, which is why they remain popular attractions around the world. Arguably, the standard of security in these establishments has dramatically improved over the years to ensure the safety and satisfaction of patrons.

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