SIU Clears Officer Conduct in May Orillia Assault Incident Arrest


A comprehensive investigation carried out by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has concluded the lawful nature of an officer’s conduct following an arrest occurrence in Orillia in May 2023.

The report from May 4th reveals that a seven-hour said woman entrusted the police with the details of the assault she had suffered at the hands of a man earlier that day. Post the bone-chilling incident, the officers, exhibiting utmost gentility, escorted the woman back to her dwelling while they maintained vigilant surveillance of the area in hopes of tracking the man down.

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As per the details divulged by the SIU, the man, of 33 years, was an inhabitant of the same residence but had made a swift departure following the assault. Upon the arrival of the officers, the man was spotted making a surreptitious entry back into the apartment.

The police report proceeds to disclose that officers promptly made their way into the residence thereafter. Inside, they were faced with the man who aggressively lunged at one of the officers, propelling an altercation. However, the officers eventually overpowered and apprehended the man, securing him with handcuffs.