Top Benefits of Sinus Surgery


By: Diana Smith

Medically referred to as rhinoplasty and popularly called a nose job, this procedure is one of the most commonly performed operations in the US and all around the world. The surgery is performed for both health and aesthetic value, with the aim of removing various health difficulties or correcting dissatisfaction with the shape and size of one’s nose. Rhinoplasty can make the nose larger or smaller, alter the tip of the nose, change the angle of the nose in relation to the upper lip, and correct bumps and indentations, or other defects in the nose.

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It’s been recorded that over 30 million Americans suffer from sinus issues and a grand majority opts for a surgery in due time. Even though the surgery itself isn’t pleasant, its outcome is worth the process. 

While deciding to go “under the knife” and do rhinoplasty for aesthetic purposes may give you the confidence you were lacking and, therefore, improve your confidence, rhinoplasty done to fix your sinus issues will remove the problem and help you lead a healthier, non-disrupted life (health-wise). Either way, there’s nothing to lose if this particular health aspect has been bothering you for a while.

Here are a few of the top benefits of sinus surgery.

Forget the Facial Pain

Whoever’s been suffering from sinus infections and headaches knows how daunting the facial pressure and pain can get; these conditions limit one’s ability to not only breathe properly but function through the day. The pain is felt behind your eyes, around your teeth, over the bridge of your nose, at the roof of your mouth, or in a combination of these areas. With the intensity of this sinus pain, the sufferer often experiences grand difficulties to focus on anything else. Having your sinuses treated, i.e. getting sinus surgery, should reduce the frequency of sinus complaints as well as the facial pain that follows it.

Administer Medications More Effectively

A common misconception concerning sinus surgery is that it is an (effective) replacement for medical treatment, when in fact – it is not. Even after the surgery, you may experience occasional sinus infections and inflammations, but they tend to be much easier to treat post-surgery. The surgery will make rinses, medical sprays and nebulized drugs possible to reach the (now) widened sinus pathways and ensure you can return to health sooner.

The latest research from Oregon Health & Science University “discovered that 76 percent of patients felt their quality of life improved after the procedure”.

Say Goodbye to Headaches

The sinuses’ natural drainage pathway is significantly widened with sinus surgery, which consequently reduces the risk of blockages that tend to cause chronic and acute sinus infections as well as sinus headaches. With symptoms including a blocked or runny nose, head and facial pain and bad breath, these conditions can be very debilitating.  Since these symptoms are of reoccurring type, they tend to come and go for months (sometimes years) and, hence, greatly impact the sufferer’s productivity and their quality of life. For this reason, septoplasty may be your best bet to get well and lead a healthy, uninterrupted life.

Embrace a new life

Patients who have suffered from sinus issues for years do not know any other type of life; they’re used to the repeated and very overwhelming pain which stops the moment surgery is performed, turning the patients’ life around for better. After having improved the symptoms associated with sinus issues, respondents have reported that they were more productive in their daily lives as well as less irritable. You can be this person.

Once you decide to opt for a sinus surgery, contact your sinus surgery specialist and schedule a consultation. A relief for your breathing concerns is within reach, a phone call and a consultation away.