Simpleminers Disrupts Bitcoin Mining Space Offering Guaranteed Return Rate.


In the shifting landscape of our financial era, creating wealth out of money itself has emerged as an increasingly effective approach. The keystone of this wealth creation process lies in the hands of the finance sector. However, the industry doesn’t function quite without its share of dramatic ebbs and flows. Financial products are uncannily akin to bubbles, giving birth to both opportunities and risks.

In the eyes of the average Joe, the risk of bursting bubbles akin to speculative endeavors tends to push the finance sector somewhat out of reach. However, players in the financial realm view these bubbles as golden opportunities for profit accumulation, adeptly navigating the underlying intricacies of the financial ecosphere.

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Imagine letting the experts who thrive on this bubble game work towards your financial stead. Suddenly, you hold the power to harness money to generate money. Simplifying this concept is what Simpleminers seeks to do, making it a reality for anyone willing to participate. You can embark on a journey towards financial teasuring with just a $100 investment with them.

Spearheading the world’s Bitcoin mining industry is Simpleminers, an organization established in June 2019 with its operations centralized in London, England. The company boasts of a global reach of over 1.5 million members. Staying true to its commitment to Bitcoin mining ever since its conception, the company currently possesses the most sophisticated Bitcoin mining technology and has raised the largest computing power facilities globally. Statistics suggest that Simpleminers contributes roughly 3.5% to the global hash rate.

Simpleminers disrupts the Bitcoin mining space with their innovative approach. Participants are spared from purchasing mining machines, site rentals, machine operation and maintenance, and from shouldering energy costs. Instead, they can dive right into Bitcoin mining by renting a certain amount of computing power from Simpleminers. Their expert financial methods shield participants from various risks. Simultaneously, they extract profits from the world of Bitcoin and distribute it back to participants at a predetermined rate of return.

Having amassed nearly 3 billion US dollars in investment funds from more than 1.5 million global participants, Simpleminers has been able to scale their Bitcoin computational power and mining technology. Consequently, the organization has the largest Bitcoin computational power in the world, contributing around 3.5% of the global hash rate. They generate wealth regularly at an astonishing rate thanks to their efficiency of harvesting 6.5 Bitcoins or approximately US$16,607.5 every ten minutes—and that’s at the current value of US$73,000 per Bitcoin. Their 24-hour total is an estimated 2,391,480 US dollars, creating a secure rate of return for participants.

The option to become a part of this innovative venture comes at no cost. By registering, you are gifted $10 and can claim a 3% daily interest income with your daily sign-ins. You can amplify your earnings by purchasing their variety of computational power contracts, offering daily interest rates as high as 3%.

Some contracts offer daily interests, such as an Antminer L7 with a contract cycle of 2 days and a price of $100, and an Antminer S17 Pro with a contract cycle of 3 days and a price of $300. The contract duration, the amount invested, and income will differ for each contract and can be perused on the Simpleminers official website.

Adding to the benefits that Simpleminers provides, you can gain even more by inviting friends with their affiliate program. If your friends invite other people who invest, you will also receive a 1% cash reward from their investment amount.

Investment is a two-edged sword, bearing both promise and perils. This is why it’s essential to maintain a cautionary stance when interacting with the market. Simpleminers have even issued a warm caution against potential scam endeavors mimicking their innovative business model. They advise potential participants to operate through their official website or to use their mobile application downloadable from Google Play or the Apple Store.