Simone Biles Transforms Sport and Self, Claiming 9th National Title in Fort Worth Showdown


In a city that prides itself on rodeo braggadocio and cowboy swagger, Fort Worth, Texas, bore witness to a performance that put bull riders and bronco-busters to shame. In an arena where testosterone typically reigns supreme, the biggest victor wasn’t an aging cowboy, but a diminutive dynamo named Simone Biles.

Eight years ago, Biles was a teenage sensation, somewhat starry-eyed and unfamiliar with the machinery of stardom. She described herself as “ditzy,” a term never used to describe her now. With more life experience under her belt now, the 27-year-old Biles has profoundly evolved.

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Witness the transformation not only in her maturity-laden documents like a driver’s license or a marriage certificate but note the evident evolution in her vision. Obliterating the tunnel vision that once restricted her to single-minded pursuit of athletic excellence, she now sees a much larger panorama. A still keen gaze, but one that has widened to encompass more than the personal pursuit of greatness.

Biles demonstrated this heightened transformation at the national title this past Sunday. Securing her ninth title, she achieved an all-around total of 119.750 – a far cry from the score of her first victory, achieved over a decade ago.

Remarkably, the critical moment of her Sunday’s victory wasn’t a complex flip or an intricately choreographed maneuver. It was merely a walk – to Sunisa Lee’s side, a fellow athlete and a good friend, who spun distressingly in the air and landed on her back during her own vault attempt.

Rather than letting Lee succumb to the fear and surprise boiling up within her, Biles promptly intervened. Memories of her own wayward vault at the Tokyo Games three years prior which led her to withdraw from multiple competitions, allowed her to empathize deeply with Lee. Biles understood the significance of lending a hand, of huddling off the floor for a chat, reminding Lee that she, too, could overcome this. When they returned to the competition floor, Biles radiated strength and support, cheering for Lee with nothing but genuine camaraderie.

From being focused on her own performance, Biles has arrived at a stage in her unparalleled career where the joy comes not from her own trials and triumphs alone. Instead, she finds joy in helping other up-and-coming gymnasts, those who have promising futures and are looking forward to Olympic trials in Minneapolis later in the month. This is her way of giving back to her sport, a game she’s been wedded to, a discipline that has given her fame, victories, and life lessons learned the hard way.

Biles is far from finished on the gymnastics stage though. Performing before an enthusiastic audience that included her husband, Chicago Bears safety Jonathan Owens, she demonstrated an awe-inspiring performance across all rotations, exuding grace and strength alongside a healthy dash of confidence. Despite a minor misstep on vault, she rebounded impressively, heralding a ninth national title within reach.

As skyscrapers stand tall in the busy downtown Fort Worth, so does Simone Biles stand, a monument built not with steel and glass, but with grit, determination, and a striking generosity of spirit. She has her ticket to Paris stamped, ready to showcase her prowess yet again on the world stage at the future Olympic games, proving that while times may change, the reign of Simone Biles remains a thrilling constant.