Silvera Reignites Passion for Football and Joins Middlesbrough, Hints at National Call-up


Sammy Silvera, a 22-year-old Australian forward, is expressing his gratitude toward the Central Coast Mariners, citing the club for reigniting his passion for the sport of football. As a result of this renewed zest, Silvera finds himself stepping into an exciting new chapter in England, and potentially donning the national colors for the Socceroos in their impending Sunday match against Mexico.

Once disillusioned by his uneventful stints with three Portuguese teams and the Newcastle Jets, Silvera found himself yearning for the opportunity to fully express his latent football talent when he rejoined Mariners last season, reprising his A-League role from the 2019-20 season. A move that would turn out to be genius in hindsight.

Elevating his performances and drawing out his lurking potential, Mariners coach Nick Montgomery helped Silvera take center stage in the Mariners’ fairytale campaign en route to the A-League championship title.

His extraordinary form caught the attention of Middlesbrough, a club in the English Championship, and Graham Arnold, the coach of the Socceroos, Australia’s national football team. Consequently, Silvera found himself signing a three-year contract with Middlesbrough in July, and he has already graced the first team in four of their five league games this season.

With Arnold refreshing his Socceroos squad with new talent, the promising winger now finds himself in America, eager for the upcoming clash between Australia and Mexico in Dallas.

“My tenure at Mariners helped me find my passion for football again. There was a strong sense of community and positivity,” Silvera shared, reflecting on his time with the Mariners. The same familial atmosphere, he mentions, continues to envelop him at Middlesbrough.

“Ever since I joined, it’s been a phenomenal journey, and I’ve been playing some of my best football,” he said, crediting his current form to the excellent coaching staff who’ve provided him with ample playtime for further development. He’s optimistic about adapting to international football, viewing it as an excellent learning opportunity from his Socceroos team members who have World Cup experience.

Silvera isn’t the only one from Middlesbrough in the Socceroos squad. He’s joined by his club teammates, midfielder Riley McGree and goalkeeper Tom Glover. Both Glover and McGree, former stars at clubs like Adelaide United, Newcastle Jets, and Melbourne City, have been part of Middlesbrough since the start of the year.

Having known teammates in the Socceroos squad, specifically McGree and Glover, has eased Silvera’s integration into the team. McGree, according to Silvera, spoke warmly about Middlesbrough before his move. This, combined with Glover’s shared journey at Middlesbrough, has facilitated mutual learning and a smoother transition for Silvera into both his club and the national team.


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