Sikh Activist’s Brutal Murder Sparks Suspicions of Foreign Intervention


Several weeks before the tragic incident that saw Hardeep Singh Nijjar lose his life, he discovered a tracking device secreted on the undercarriage of his automobile. A trusted longtime companion of Nijjar and spokesperson for the Gurdwaras BC Council, Moninder Singh, recalled Nijjar revealing this disturbing find upon returning home one day, a discovery made during a routine visit to his local mechanic’s garage.

Upending the serenity of an evening prayer on June 18, Nijjar was brutally murdered in his truck, parked in the confines of the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara’s lot. His sudden demise rocked his close-knit circle, though Nijjar had often voiced concerns about his safety, an ugly consequence of his outspoken activism.

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Nijjar was a staunch supporter of Khalistan, a contentious Sikh separatist movement advocating for an autonomous homeland, distinct from India. His death, though in no way trivial, failed to shock Singh, a testament to the perilous nature of Nijjar’s concerns, albeit leaving Singh and others struggling to come to terms with the grim reality.

In the turmoil that ensued Nijjar’s violent end, the individual who first laid eyes on his lifeless form hastily reached out to Singh. Recounting the shell-shocked phone call, Singh states, “They found him inside, he had been shot and I needed to come immediately.”

In light of the murky circumstances surrounding Nijjar’s death, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has assumed control of the ongoing inquiry, though they remain tight-lipped about potential leads or suspects.

Singh has recently unveiled a shocking revelation – a security video from the gurdwara, providing insights into the assailants’ manoeuvres. Allegedly, they intercepted Nijjar’s vehicle in the parking lot, slowing it down to the point of standstill before executing their deadly mission with what Singh described as chilling precision.

As the investigation grinds on, tensions have escalated within the Sikh community. Numerous protests denouncing the Indian government have echoed through streets and from platforms. Notably, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also voiced his concern, asserting in the House of Commons credible claims implicating the Indian government in Nijjar’s untimely end.

Similarly, federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, upon receiving a detailed brief about the allegations, stated his belief in the credibility of the intelligence presented. According to him, it paints an alarming scenario involving the assassination of a Canadian resident on native soil, purportedly orchestrated by a foreign government. Nonetheless, these allegations have been categorically rejected by Indian officials.