Sign the petition against the Montreal Tax hike and unfair Agglomeration system


Montrealers are up in arms about the 2018 Montreal Budget. Especially hard hit were the 15 demerged municipalities that represent 246,000 residents who pay more than $420 million in tax dollars every year.

Last Sunday, January 21, a rally took place at Pointe Claire city hall where hundreds of protesters made their voices heard.  Elected officials, as well as residents, spoke out against the increase that would burden demerged taxpayer an average of 5%, in some cases the hike is as high as 9%.

“We are tired of paying taxes without representation,” said Beaconsfield resident Daniel Mongeau.  “This will impact the lives of those on fixed incomes not to mention the decrease in city services no matter where you live.”

The message was clear that the residents were unhappy with the Montreal increase and they demanded a review of the budget that would hit taxpayers hard.  Elected officials and residents also demanded that the Quebec Government step in and review the unfair Agglomeration system that has been in place since the demerger.

“Imagine if I came into your house and painted all your walls a different color without asking you,” said Kirkland Mayor Michel Gibson. “We were not consulted on this budget and have no say to block or amend it even if we were.”

The second step in the movement will be the petition being passed around for people who are disgruntled to sign.  The petition will be available for another week or so and already has close to 800 signatures.

We will need to get plenty more to make a difference so please share.

Sign the petition right here 


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