Shreveport City Casinos Smoking Ban Take Effect, Nevada Official Urged to Follow the Suit


Shreveport City Council passed Ordinance No. 51 in June 2020 to ban smoking in bars and casinos in Northwest Louisiana. The act was to take effect on 8th August 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ban was delayed until 1st August 2021.

Some of the city officials were concerned that the ban would do more harm to the casino business and lead to job loss. Shreveport City Council President James Flurry this year claimed that a smoking ban in the two riverboat casinos would lead to customer loss.

Flurry voted for the ban because he thought that Bossier City would pass a similar amendment, which they didn’t. Flurry believe that Bossier City has received an unfair advantage, and the ban would not work well for Shreveport City.

Randy Hayden, a Louisiana-based consultant for Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, believes that a good marketing campaign will attract nonsmokers to Shreveport casinos. Non-smokers advocates are urging Nevada officials to ban smoking in casinos.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (D) has implemented mandatory face masks covering for all people in public to counter the spread of the delta variant of COVID-19. Cynthia Hallet, the president and CEO of American for Nonsmokers’ Rights urge that it is senseless to allow guest to remove mask and smoke in a shared indoor air.

“It makes no sense to allow casino guests to remove their face mask and blow secondhand smoke-along with droplets carrying a potentially life-threatening disease-into shared indoor air.”


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