Should Dog Grooming be an Essential Service?


Should dog grooming be considered an essential service?

The West Island Blog’s Dario De Felice speaks with Peter Arsever who owns a West Island dog grooming service.

On Monday, April 13 the Quebec government announced that they are adding to the list of essential services. It now includes residential construction, auto mechanics, gardening centres and more. Dog grooming services are not included in that list. 


  1. Some people are incapable of clipping nails, bathing their pet (elderly) and few are able to trim their coats in order to avoid knots etc. I feel dog/cat grooming should be considered a much needed essential service.

  2. Further to the above, a groomer’s main clientele is not human! They have very little contact with people and can almost eliminate it entirely. Also, no studies have shown that dogs are any more hazardous for transmitting the virus than a tree in the front yard. My wife’s studio is in our basement. She thought she could re-opened two weeks ago and did for a day before she was warned to close again. She left a leash and a hitch on tree by our driveway where customers hooked their dogs for her to retrieve. She wore PPE (including a large garbage bag poncho), retrieved the dogs and went about cleaning them immediately. Her job is to clean the dog, which seems to me to be something pre-emptive as well as desirable during this crisis. When the dog was done (that is, the dog was then clean with no possibility of residual virus on its fur), she brought it back to the hitch and waited for the client to make the pickup. Payment was dropped in a special bag that she had hooked to our mailbox. No physical human contact was ever made.

    I do not see any reason why groomers should not be allowed to reopen. It is an essential service that maintains the health and safety of pets in our community and it can be done safely with little risk to anyone involved in the process.

  3. We have a long hair exotic cat , which doesn’t let me to clip her nails or cut out her knots, got a lot of knots all over , which pooling her skin and we really need a professional groomer to take care of her , I don’t want to heart her . I don’t know what to do in this situation, really…))))

  4. I am in dire need of a groomer for Charlie, his nails are starting to curl and with the heat he really needs to be shaved. My sisters dog is so matted and she can only watch Ginger be totally uncomfortable….HELP!


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