Shooting Halts Lil Baby Concert in Memphis, Investigation Underway


In an unfortunate episode of violence that unfolded in one of Memphis, Tennessee’s renowned concert events, a concert-goer was reportedly shot and critically injured. The incident occurred at a performance by popular rapper Lil Baby and as per the information released from police authorities, the attack appeared to be premeditated and targeted.

The incident transpired within the vast expanses of FedExForum, an arena designed to accommodate a bustling 19,000 crowd. Known to be the home turf for NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies and the University of Memphis men’s basketball team, this space turned into a crime scene late on Thursday, September 7, 2023.

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According to the Memphis Police Department, the immediate response to the shooting showcased the concert’s state-of-the-art security measures. The injured party, an unidentified male, was quickly tended to and was taken off critical condition by Friday. The police have asserted no other injuries were reported, helping to calm the whispers of widespread panic.

Securing the arena immediately after the incident, the police department has started to investigate the mode of firearm intrusion inside the venue. The coordination efforts to identify and capture the shooter are underway too. The locale had a private security firm designated to prevent the possibility of any weapon incursion, raising uncomfortable questions regarding the efficacy of the screening.

The chaotic situation left Lil Baby with no choice but to abruptly end his performance. Eyewitnesses reported that he was rushed off the stage once the shooting took place. The command was given to evacuate the building post-haste, subsequently leading to the cancellation of the concert.

Among the spectators in the crowd that evening was Clarissa Johnson, who described her experience: “A sudden pop sound alerted me. Uncertain of the situation unraveling, I ushered my companions to get down from our suite. Post evacuation, we ensured everyone was accounted for. The exact details of the incident, however, stay hazy to this moment.”

The rapper’s management, as well as Lil Baby himself, have stayed largely quiet on the incident. The only public message came from the rapper via a social media post on X, saying, “Sadly I couldn’t perform last night in Memphis. Ensuring a full refund for everyone though,” punctuating the message with a heart symbol.