The Shoes I Want, But Can’t Have


By Suzanne Reisler Litwin

Oh, to be young again!

Actually, I’m not sure if they are shoes or boots or sandals. Maybe they are a bit of each and I want them badly. See the picture of the gladiator shoe.The Shoes I Want, But Can't Have, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News, advice, footwear, style, fashion, Suzanne Reisler Litwin

I could have them if three things would happen to me.

1. I will grow 4 inches taller.

2. I will become 20 years younger.

3. I will have a strong back and knees.

But… I want them!!!  What I really want is to be young enough to wear them!

I love shoes. That’s not entirely true. I LOVE SHOES!!!!  I’m crazy for shoes. I love the design, shape, heights, fabrics and colors. I even get excited from the packaging and the boxes they come in. There’s nothing like freshly packed new shoes! Yum!

When I was a child my Mother would take my siblings and I to buy new school shoes at the end of August. We always started a new school year with new school shoes. My love for shoes started back then. My favorite new school shoe was a saddle shoe – a black and white leather shoe with laces. I have this shoe in my wardrobe, although it has been modernized.  Check out the picture of my saddle shoes.

When my daughter was 3 years old she insisted on going to nursery school every day in her gold Maryjane party shoes. She wore these shoes every day for an entire year. She wore them until her foot grew out of them. She was the little girl in the park and sandbox wearing “gold party shoes”.

For me, a shoe is just not a shoe. A shoe is about the design, color, fabric, heel height, shape, and craftsmanship. I love how shoes can make a whole fashionable look come together. I love the sexy affect heels have on the leg. I love the creativity and artisanship that goes into making a unique shoe.

Men’s shoes are also wonderful.  A lot can be interpreted about the kind of shoe a man choses to wear.  I know a man who insists on wearing black cowboy boots even in the heat of the summer.  You will never catch him in sandals! How’s about socks with sandals?  I rock that look when I get out of my athletic shoes and my feet are swollen from the exercise.  A sexy look? NOT!

When I’m in New York City, I treat myself to a visit to the Saks 5th Avenue shoe department. It is so enormous that it has its own zip code!  The shoes in this store are so beautiful and incredibly designed.  They are more works of art than actual shoes. I consider this shoe department more of a shoe museum.

A sensible shoe is the direction I seem to be going towards.  I can’t believe I wrote that.  My aching back and knees are now the forces behind which shoes are best suited for me.  My heart is telling me to wear those gorgeous gladiator knee length; multi-buckled brown flat sexy sandals (see the picture).  My back and knees are telling me that a little heal is needed as well as some arch support.  That sounds so “retirement plan” and I’m nowhere near retiring.  I’m just getting started…aren’t I?

Sigh…Humbug…Geez…I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through those youthful gladiator sandals.  My gladiator days seem to be numbered as now I’m leaning into my yoga Warrior 1, Warrior 2 and Warrior 3!

Suzanne Reisler Litwin an instructor at Concordia University in The Centre for Continuing Education. Suzanne is a freelance contributor to The Suburban newspaper.   She is the author of the children’s book, The Black Velvet Jacket. She lives in Montreal, Canada with her 3 children, Allyn, Taylor, and Duke and her husband Laurie. Suzanne contributes regularly to West Island Blog under her column “Keeping it Real”.  Please visit her website  to read more of her published articles, books, and poetry.


  1. Hi Paula,

    Sorry it too me so long to reply to you. I would wait until the spring to search for saddle shoes. If they are in fashion you will find many of them. Otherwise, you might need to search the internet for a good pair. I love the ones in the picture we posted. I’m looking for them. I’m sure you can find them online. Good luck!


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