Shibarium Network Hits 90 Million Transactions, User Growth Skyrockets


In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Shibarium, the Layer 2 network operating under the auspices of the Shiba Inu token, finds itself at the cusp of a significant threshold. The platform has witnessed a surge in its adoption, which has catalyzed a frenetic pace of transaction activity. Recently, a landmark was achieved as the total transactions on the Shibarium network soared past the 90 million mark.

This uptick in network activity is reflective of a persistent pattern of high-volume transactions. In recent days, the network has consistently seen more than 6.5 million transactions processed daily, with certain days even witnessing a staggering 7.8 million transactions.

The expansion of Shibarium is not just limited to transaction volume. The network’s account growth rate also displays an impressive trajectory, with a near doubling from around 30,000 in late November to a striking figure of over 54,000 in just two weeks of December.

The zenith of user engagement was marked by an all-time high of 9,339 active accounts on December 5th. However, this peak was transient, as the number waned to 3,232 by December 10th, indicating a reduction in users’ active participation.

The surge in network growth was underscored by the number of new accounts, which reached unprecedented levels in early December; yet this figure too retracted significantly in the subsequent days.

Despite the network’s robust growth, its influence on the Shiba Inu token price remains uncertain. As SHIB serves primarily as a governance token with BONE as its utility counterpart, price impacts related to the growth of Shibarium are more likely to bear on BONE.

Projections for SHIB’s future valuation vary. While some market observers suggest a potential price target of $0.0001 by 2025, others attest that the meme coin has the capacity to appreciate further, riding the wave of favorable market conditions.

In the immediate sphere, hints of a strategic burn of over $1 million worth of SHIB, confirmed by the lead developer, have sparked speculation. This move, aimed at reducing the token supply, may well serve as the catalyst for an uptick in SHIB’s market price, presenting an intriguing prospect for investors and community members alike.


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