Shiba Inu Whales Stir Market with Multi-Trillion Token Moves


In the effervescent atmosphere of holiday celebrations, the digital currency landscape has been abuzz with notable activity, particularly around the Ethereum-derived meme coin known as Shiba Inu. A whirlwind of transactions involving ‘whales’—substantial holders of cryptocurrency—has stirred the waters of the Shiba Inu market, triggering a wave of speculation across its vibrant community.

A striking movement of funds was recently observed when a Shiba Inu whale transferred a staggering 4 trillion SHIB tokens to an enigmatic destination. This substantial shift occurred during a period when both the asset’s value and the rate at which SHIB tokens were being ‘burnt’—permanently removed from circulation—were on the decline.

Delving into the specifics, on-chain transaction monitoring service Whale Alert caught a glimpse of the movement of precisely 4,239,147,213,294 SHIB from the wallet denoted by the truncated address 0x9c570088…a22fd8b51b to the equally undercover wallet address 0x72c3f4fc…fa8d75d719. This significant transfer was appraised at an impressive $45.12 million at the time of execution. Remarkably, despite the colossal scale of the transaction, the associated gas fee—the payment made to compensate for the computational energy required to process and validate transactions on the Ethereum network—remained notably inexpensive.

This occurrence is not an isolated phenomenon. Shiba Inu has lately been the scene of several similar whale transactions. Another striking transaction unraveled just a few days prior, on December 24, where an undisclosed wallet address relocated an immense sum of 4.25 trillion SHIB. Whale Alert documented this noteworthy transfer, originating from the wallet address 0x3ce6bed2…87d896c59f to a different anonymous address. At that moment, the value of the SHIB tokens exchanged reached around $46 million.

In cumulative terms, the past 48 hours have thus witnessed the exchange of more than 8.4 trillion SHIB tokens between incognito parties. The increasing frequency and volume of these transactions have set the community abuzz, sparking debates as to whether these are indicators of a forthcoming uptrend or a downtrend in the market.

While the motivation behind these whale maneuvers remains shrouded in mystery, the timing—a period marked by declining prices—could suggest a growing sentiment of confidence among traders emboldened to adjust their holdings.

Turning attention to the Shiba Inu Layer 2 blockchain network Shibarium, a different kind of milestone has been achieved. The network has observed an unprecedented surge in on-chain activity, surpassing 190 million transactions—a testament to the network’s burgeoning strength and vitality.

Metrics from indicate the network has processed approximately 192,000,000 transactions, with nearly 1,320,000 unique active addresses contributing to this volume. Shibarium’s daily transaction count has catapulted from an average of 20,000 to approximately 7.53 million. This astonishing climb in activity has thrust the network into the spotlight and is demonstrative of the meme coin’s rapid expansion and burgeoning appeal among adopters.

Currently, the SHIB token’s market performance reflects a slight downward adjustment, with a 1% decrease in price over the last 24 hours, placing it at a trading value of $0.00001067 at the time of reporting. Market data reveals a modest dip in trading volume by 5%, positioning it at $185.31 million for the same period.


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