Shiba Inu Open Interest Lags Despite Crypto Market Surge


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, market watchers have taken note of a curious development. The aggregate open interest, a measure of the total number of outstanding derivative contracts such as futures and options that have not been settled, across the crypto landscape has been on the rise, indicating growing investor interest to leverage the market’s movements. Yet, amidst this financial ferment, the meme-inspired cryptocurrency dubbed Shiba Inu appears to be tracing a more subdued path.

As the broader market rode the bullish wave, particularly since August, Shiba Inu’s open interest experienced an initial surge but has since lagged behind its peers. The altcoin’s open interest swelled past the $43 million threshold during the early days of the bull run, yet recent figures betray a hesitance to re-attain such heights. Presently, its open interest hovers below the $20 million mark—a stark contrast to the sharp uptrend recorded by major digital currencies.

This pattern of divergence becomes more evident when compared with Shiba Inu’s closest rival, Dogecoin. Dogecoin’s open interest maintained a relatively dormant state through the autumnal months and later soared, more than doubling from a trough of $226 million in October to a peak of $520 million in November. Meanwhile, Shiba Inu’s open interest peaked modestly at $17 million in November, followed by an insubstantial climb to $18 million as the year drew to a close.

These trends suggest an underlying disconnect between Shiba Inu’s price movements and its open interest—a decoupling not observed in crypto giants like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, where prices have historically ascended in tandem with spikes in open interest. The implication for Shiba Inu is that fluctuations in open interest are less indicative of future price adjustments. Nonetheless, it is not entirely immune to Bitcoin’s gravitational pull, with its price trajectory showing hints of correlation to the leading cryptocurrency.

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