Shiba Inu Marketing Lead Shares Shibarium Ecosystem Investment Guide


Lucie, Shiba Inu’s highly-regarded marketing lead, recently offered a fresh piece of advice for potential investors through a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. In the update, she delineated evaluative guidelines designed specifically for projects in the Shibarium ecosystem. Shibarium, for the uninitiated, is an advanced layer-2 blockchain meticulously crafted to enhance the functionality and reach of the Shiba Inu network. The guidelines focus essentially on determining how a project could fuel the ecosystem’s growth while ensuring sustainability, shedding light on five critical rules.

First off, Lucie underscored the significance of a SHIB Token Burn. This process, also known as perpetually removing tokens from circulation, can potentially raise the token’s allure over time by creating an artificial supply deficit. Lucie scrutinizes the influence of SHIB burns on the ecosystem’s overall health and the stability of its prices.

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The next rule revolves around the Metaverse Development. Lucie encourages potential investors to focus on projects that project an inclination to build or have already begun construction within the Shiba Inu Metaverse. Since this represents a rapidly developing sphere, investments here imply an innovative and forward-thinking disposition within Shibarium projects.

Engagement with the BONE Token is the third rule. As BONE ShibaSwap (BONE) operates as the transactional fuel within Shibarium, Lucie probes if a project is keen on burning BONE or fostering utilities around it to increase its appeal within the ecosystem. The utility can have a substantial bearing on the token’s demand and usage trends.

The utilization of the LEASH token is also crucial, according to Lucie. How projects plan to incorporate LEASH into their functionalities or governance structures will mirror their integration depth within the Shibarium network.

Finally, Lucie sets forth the necessity of tangible, blockchain-verifiable contributions a project makes to the betterment of Shibarium. This transparency safeguards the ecosystem against projects that are all talk, and no action, guaranteeing real and measurable value.

Lucie also spotlighted projects epitomizing these investment rules. WoofSwap, for instance, has been active in SHIB and BONE burning via inscription tokens and with the inception of its meme coin, DAMN. This initiative helps curtail the circulation of key tokens, potentially bolstering their worth.

Shib Dream and Shib CoOp got a hat-tip for their instrumental role in erecting the Shiba Inu Metaverse, an area of development that promises new utility and heightened user engagement. The economic incentives K9 Finance built for BONE by enhancing liquidity and staking mechanisms also earned Lucie’s approval.

Lucie commended projects like LumiBots, Mantra Protocol, NestX, and Shib CoOp for their blockchain-verifiable contributions. They played crucial roles in mainstreaming NFT adoption on Shibarium and fostering wider use of digital assets in the ecosystem.

Post Lucie’s endorsement, Shib Dream was quick to voice its exuberance: “All great projects! We have burned over a Billion Shib. Invested over 30K in Shibarium Projects. Are Building in the Metaverse. Gave back over $60K to the community. Good Deeds – Over $10k in Donations. We aren’t using Leash yet but we are working on it. Other exciting developments soon. SHIBARIUM. Keep Building. Keep Dreaming.”

As of the last update, SHIB was observed trading at $0.00002360.