Shiba Inu Ecosystem Upgrade Sparks Potential Cryptocurrency Surge


A series of upgrades within the Shiba Inu ecosystem has set the stage for a potential surge in their cryptocurrency. This intriguing development, coupled with revealing on-chain data, paints an encouraging picture of the currency’s long-term fortune.

The recent weeks have shown indicators pointing towards a bullish trend for SHIB investors. The exchange balance has hit record lows, suggesting a swing towards investor confidence. This fact, compounded by a fortuitous bounce off the 0.618 Fibonacci ratio level, also known as the “golden ratio,” signals that potentially lucrative times for SHIB are possibly on the horizon.

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The decrease in reserve balance on crypto exchanges adds to the bullish case for SHIB. The analytics dashboard from CryptoQuant indicates a significant drop in the total SHIB reserve. As of now, the total number of SHIB tokens on crypto exchanges has plunged from 164 trillion on February 29th to the current approximately 150 trillion – marking a decrease of 14 trillion SHIB tokens in under two months.

This decline in exchange reserve presents an empowering story for SHIB. It suggests that holders are holding onto their coins, with an increased preference of storing them in private wallets instead of posting for potential exchange. The past few weeks have recorded on-chain data revealing a spike in activity among Shiba Inu whales. An example of this boost is a new whale address collecting a hefty 237.8 billion SHIB tokens amounting to around $6.9 million.

There has also been significant activity in the price range. As seen from recent price actions, SHIB has rebounded off the 0.618 Fibonacci ratio level around the $0.00002117 price mark on April 15. This fall in price was a correction of over 51% from a yearly high of $0.00004400. The bounce suggests the initiation of a significant uptrend and robust optimism among investors and traders.

At present, SHIB is trading at $0.00002702, indicating an increase by 19% over the past seven days. The price witnessed considerable growth of over 27% after the bounce above golden cross confirmed that the cryptocurrency had completely reversed to a bullish sentiment.

The fundamentals depict an encouraging scenario for SHIB to continue its price surge in the upcoming days. One principal propellant can be attributed to its current mainstream interest and adoption, evident from the recent fundraising of $12 million by the Shiba Inu team to develop a layer-3 blockchain atop Shibarium.

The future of Shiba Inu seems promising with diminishing supply on exchanges and a surge in support after rebounding from a key Fibonacci level. These factors hint towards a rebound to $0.00004400 or possibly higher. If SHIB successfully surpasses this resistance, it could potentially charge towards $0.00008616 – marking a whopping 218% increase from the current price.

It’s necessary to note that investing comes with its inherent risks. You should conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.