Shiba Inu Breaks Descending Trend, Eyes Bullish Momentum Boost


In the steady throbbing heart of the crypto market, the Shiba Inu, often lovingly referred to simply as SHIB, has displayed a striking performance. Its price has surged by a praiseworthy 6.5% within the last 24 hours and by 12.5% over the previous week. This notable upward swing signals a promising shift in the direction of bullish momentum.

Up until recently, the daily SHIB/USD chart had been dictated by a descending trend line, a stern fence against which the price of SHIB repeatedly bounced back. But the past 24 hours have demonstrated a remarkable shift in this narrative. The former descending trend line, which had dominated the trajectory of Shiba Inu for the past two months, has been decisively breached. A potential reversal of fortune lingers in the air, or at the very least, the bearish pressure seems to be losing its chokehold.

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Esteemed crypto analyst, Cold Blooded Shiller, commented with a lighthearted yet pointed remark, “One of the commandments of memes is thou shalt always long the meme when the trendline snaps.”

A significant shift in Shiba Inu’s path was observable just before the breakout. Shiller pointed out that discerning investors should look for “20IQ entry signals” – signs that the trendline, which had been respected daily for the past two months, would eventually break. And that said breakout is a strong signal for the start of an upward tick for SHIB.

Positioning of Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) further support this shift. Both the 20-day EMA and the 50-day EMA were breached with yesterday’s daily close. Looking further, the 100-day and 200-day EMAs underline significant support zones, hinting at robust buying levels should a considerable retracement occur. The interaction between the price and these EMAs in the ensuing days will play a pivotal role in determining the sustainability of the current breakout.

Applying Fibonacci retracement to the SHIB’s recent journey from its peak to its trough reveals another crucial development. Notably, the 0.236 Fibonacci retracement level surpassed in yesterday’s trading session now serves as a critical short-term support. This level consolidates the legitimacy of the recent breakout from the descending trend line, confirming it as a meaningful shift rather than a mere technical anomaly or ‘fakeout.’

At present, the $0.00002483 level is being tested for its sturdiness as support. A closure of today’s daily candle above this mark would fortify the case for a more enduring upward trajectory in SHIB’s price. It would bolster investor confidence that the breakout is genuine, and that the broader market sentiment might be tilting more securely in favor of the bulls.

Should SHIB withstand above this newfound support, the immediate successive target would be the $0.00002882 level, corresponding with the 0.382 Fibonacci retracement. A breach of this resistance could very well pave the way for gains towards $0.00003205 and $0.00003527, representing the 0.5 and 0.618 Fibonacci retracement levels respectively.

Reaching the 0.618 level, often alluded to as the ‘golden ratio’, could yield a hefty 40% gain from the current prices, making for an enticing scenario for investors following these technical cues.

Underscoring the change is a substantial increase in trading volume, up 30% in the last 24 hours, an indication of thriving participation in the market. This outpouring of activity amplifies the credibility of the breakout. Meanwhile, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 55.05 allows ample room for upward movement without immediate worries of overbought conditions.

Summarily, the recent breakout above the descending trend line invites a bullish outlook on SHIB, suggesting that the downtrend may be losing its hold. Traders should keep a keen eye on the daily close above $0.00002483. With a firm hold above this level, the way could be paved for SHIB to soar towards higher Fibonacci levels.