Sherpa Kami Rita Sets New Record with 29th Mount Everest Ascent


Kami Rita, one of the most esteemed mountaineering guides on Earth, has once again etched his name in the annals of history by ascending Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak, for an astonishing 29th time. This feat, accomplished on a crisp Sunday morning, extends the boundary of his own record for the number of successful ascents to the summit, according to representatives from expedition organizer Seven Summits Treks.

Rita graced the Earth’s loftiest point, a dizzying 8,849-meters (29,032-foot) pinnacle, at exactly 7:25 a.m. local time. He did not stand alone atop the mountain, as several other climbers reached the summit alongside him. A Seven Summits Treks spokesperson, Mingma Sherpa, reported that Rita, embarking on his descent to lower base camps, was in remarkable health despite the grueling trek.

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Rita, whose unparalleled connection to Everest dates back to the previous year when he made an exceptional double ascent in swift succession, is locked in a friendly race with fellow Sherpa guide Pasang Dawa in pursuit of the title for maximum climbs of the towering peak. The spirited competition between the two remains heated, with Dawa trailing closely behind at 27 successful ascents.

The adventurous spirit that drives Rita seems to be a part of his lineage, as his inaugural expedition up Everest dates back to 1994, and practically every year thereafter. His reputation as a formidable Sherpa guide, like his father before him, is underpinned by his unrelenting dedication to piloting foreign climbers to successful summit attempts annually.

Holding a record akin to Everest’s multiple ascents is not the only ace in Rita’s deck. The seasoned climber has also traversed some of the globe’s mightiest peaks like K2, Cho Oyu, Manaslu, and Lhotse, adding layers to his already impressive mountaineering resume.

This day of accomplishment was largely favored by weather conditions on the mountain that were conducive to climbing, commended Mingma Sherpa. Earlier in the week, the season’s initial wave of climbers managed to reach the summit of Everest, and it is anticipated that hundreds more will strive to replicate this feat throughout the month.

The Nepalese authorities, recognizing the profound lure of the towering peak, have granted an abundance of climbing permits to international climbers. They are expected to be supported by a cadre of local Sherpa guides, who will ensure their safety during this arduous yet thrilling expedition season.