Sheila’s Catering Sets Guinness Record with Longest Charcuterie Board


After immense dedication, endless slabs of meat, pounds of cheese, loaves of bread, and crates of fruit, alongside a colossal 485 feet of charcuterie board assembly, a British Columbia-based catering company, Sheila’s Catering of South Surrey, has astonishingly etched its name in the annals of the Guinness World Records.

The triumphant Guinness World Record attempt took place on a sunny Saturday at the White Rock Pier, witnessing Sheila’s Catering secure the world record for the longest charcuterie platter or board, smashing the previous record holding at 204 feet by more than doubling its length.

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Behind this feat was the relentless effort of Wes Lévesque, the co-owner and director of operations at Sheila’s Catering. He revealed that his persistent team had devoted around three full days to assemble the 250 individual boards that were meticulously lined up on the pier, bolstered by the assistance of numerous volunteering spirits on the record-setting Saturday.

Their stringent focus on the freshness of the charcuterie reflected in the hired refrigerated trailer, steadfastly keeping the food chilled during its preparation. The commercial ice blanket further ensured the board stayed ice-cold throughout the seven-hour Charcuterie on the Pier event. A professional falconer even joined the endeavour, warding off seagulls from tainting the outdoor feast.

Pleasant fascinating activities and entertainment also graced Memorial Park nearby, making the event an all-out gala. As for the figures, ticket prices revved up from an initial $89 to a whopping $189 for a VIP experience, with net proceeds pledged to charitable arenas like Sources food banks, Friends of the Pier, and the Semiahmoo Rotary Club.

The gigantic charcuterie board promised a feast for an impressive crowd of 1,200 people, with all the edible leftovers committed to the food bank outreach. Lévesque poured out heartfelt gratitude towards those enterprises that contributed ingredients and the generous volunteers who donated their valuable time.

Inquired about the likelihood of Sheila’s Catering aiming to break its freshly made world record next year, Lévesque, with a laugh, left it an open possibility. He urged it as an exemplary accomplishment that demanded considerable hard work, not ruling out the march for a new record after a couple of months of breather space.