Shakira Faces Reinvestigation for Second Tax Evasion Case in Spain


Colombian music sensation Shakira has once again come under the scrutiny of the Spanish government who have accused her of tax evasion for a second time. Prosecutors in Spain claim that the award-winning artist fraudulently deprived the state of €6.7m ($7.1m, £5.8m) in 2018, highlighting her failure to declare millions in upfront payments for the El Dorado World Tour, among other revenues.

The investigation, which reopened in July 2023, only revealed the profound details of the allegations recently. According to Spanish network RTVE, Shakira, now a resident of Miami, is cognizant of these new charges. However, contrary reports from news agency Reuters suggest she may not have been formally notified.

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Shakira’s Miami-based legal team is presently focused on preparing for an impending trial concerning tax irregularities from fiscal years 2012-14, scheduled for November 20th.

On account of Shakira’s residence in Barcelona with football icon Gerard Pique in 2018, she was obligated to pay taxes on all her international income there. Prosecutors contend she eluded this responsibility by strategically diverting her finances to “companies domiciled in countries with low taxation and high opacity”.

November will see Shakira dealing with accusations of six separate tax crimes in Barcelona. While she has consistently and vehemently refuted any misconduct, the upcoming trial begs to differ. In a recent interview with Elle magazine’s Spanish edition, Shakira expressed confidence in her innocence, stating that she has comprehensive evidence to vindicate herself .

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