Shakira Faces New Tax Evasion Charges in Spain over $7.1m Earnings


Esteemed Colombian music sensation, Shakira, is once again in the spotlight; this time the rays aren’t from stage lights, but the notoriety of a tax evasion charge brought against her by the Spanish government. Following similar allegations in 2023, prosecutors claim the singer withheld information regarding funds amounting to €6.7m ($7.1m, £5.8m) in the fiscal year 2018.

It is argued that Shakira evaded the declaration of revenue earned through her globally recognized El Dorado World Tour, among other income streams. The crux of their argument stands on the grounds that Shakira, during this period, was living in Barcelona with renowned football personality Gerard Pique and was consequently obligated to pay taxes on her worldwide earnings in Spain.

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Contrary to this, prosecutors assert that Shakira siphoned off her wealth to “companies located in regions noted for low taxation and high opacity.”

While the pop star’s Miami-based legal counsel is apparently in the dark over the latest charges, they are wholly committed to battling a pre-existing case for tax irregularities during 2012-14. That trial, scheduled to commence on November 20, has the singer denying accusations of owing an egregious €14.5m ($15.3m, £12.6m) in taxes.

Shakira, however, remains undeterred despite the specter of legal proceedings looming large. Expressing her confidence in Spanish Elle magazine, she asserted, “I am confident that I have enough proof to support my case and that justice will prevail in my favour.”

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